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  1. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Text frame location read out

    I am sorry. Since upgrading the to the latest build, I do not see my problem any more. If I come across it again, I shall be sure to make a screenshot. (Actually, to my embarrassment, the bug is in Microsoft Publisher!) I am sorry for wasting your time on this.
  2. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Text frame location read out

    When placing a text frame about 1 inch from the top of the page, the little figures in the status/measurements bar at the bottom of screen show 0.97,0.98,0.99,0.1,1.01,1.02 as I move the top of the frame. Note that instead of 1.0, it shows 0.1. Sometimes it gets it right.
  3. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Downloaded File fails

    Affinity Publisher notified me today 11 March 2019 that there was a new updated. I duly downloaded it, both from the link from mp current version of it, and directly from the forum. Whichever way, the downloaded file fails during the preparation stage. I would be interested in an updated that works :) Thanks :)
  4. Calum MacLeod (pangur)


    Please add me to the list of those wanting footnotes, endnotes, etc. I realise that margin notes can be mimicked easily once anchoring graphics to paragraphs is fixed. I use Spacemacs. LaTeX, and Auctex at present. Though a bit old fashioned it does footnotes with ease. So, I am guessing that Affinity Publisher will have them eventually anyway.
  5. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Imposition of pages

    I use imposition to make a 20 page A5 booklet. You need to make sure you select A4 (rather than Letter default). You need to pick Booklet, and short side duplex printing. I check properties, etc., to make sure nothing is changing my settings elsewhere. I then save the print configuration with a name like A5booklet. All works fine. I do not need bleed. This does not require to be sent to a professional printers. I tried QuarkXpress, and I could not get it to do imposition like Affinity Publisher beta. QX recommend an expensive imposition package.
  6. Will there be, or are there already, footnotes available for book or long booklet publications?
  7. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Possible bug with lists

    Is it possible to right justify the numbers in a numbered list so that when we go from 9 to 10, the 9 is above the 0 of 10 rather the 1?
  8. Calum MacLeod (pangur)

    Master Pages memory

    When I setup two master pages, I put page numbers at the bottom, the left one is at the outer margin by default. For the right one I use ragged left right aligned paragraph setting to ensure that the right page page number is that the outer margin. Oh well I'm good so far. If I paste into a (non-master) page, the main text of the document, it is immediately right aligned, ragged right -- as if had retained setting from Masterpages footer.

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