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  1. Hi All! I am having a similar, if not exactly the same- problem with my XP-Pen Deco 06. It seems to be since the last update from Designer and Publisher (on a computer) and is the same before and after the XP pen driver update (there is one every other day it seems) No problem whatsoever on any other software/apps (adobe, Inkscape). Not 100% sure it came after the AD update though (I use the software sporadically, I am just assuming it would have bugged me big time if it happened before) See the video for the problem. Sometimes the path "jumps" creating a new layer/path ev
  2. Thanks for the feedback Garry I have corrected that, thanks for spotting it!
  3. Hi all, I have received the clear to share one of the projects I have done recently using affinity Designer. I took advantage of the isometric plane features for this one So: the first stage was to take an illustration of a bespoke design for my client's own client (a mongram onto a watch) second stage was to reproduce a flat design using AD then composite it onto a real image of a watch (that's where the isometric comes handy ) Cleint was happy and I am proud of it too!
  4. Thanks, I guess they don't have to explain their choices? Inkscape "trace bitmap" to vectorise has been an invaluable replacement for autotrace, although just launching the program is a nightmare... I also keep it because apparently the svg export is the best, that's what I have been consistently been told by web developpers when they ask for assets. AD coming close second, and .ai files being dreadful (don't ask me, I can't see a difference myself). It's the customers choice to see what fits them or not. I am not tied to any brand in particular but since there is a forum dedicat
  5. Hi @Kuttyjoe Thanks for your answer: I am both things so I think for me it was obvious to see it as a different target audience. I am not a coder, but it does seem to me that a "select similar" would be a rather simple feature to implement (it looks like a set of "filters" to me - you choose a set of parameters that can be abpllied to a path, and you filter all the paths having that same parameters). Now that's my common sense talking, maybe it's way more complicated than I think it is. But I guess to choose to implement such and such function in any new version, before what I woul
  6. Hello! I have had a few issues recently that seems to be performance related (serious lag and erratic behaviour of node tool and move tool) I have attached a video of a work session (sorry if it's long and tedious, it's a realistic snippet of how I, and probably many others, have to work) I don't know how to put subtitles on a video so I will put a list below with the issues I found. Now, I must say, as it have been pointed out multiple times a smooth and/or simplify option on path and nodes would be greatly appreciated. I know that I will receive comments on the fact
  7. I'll have a look. Overall I noticed some strange behaviour that may (or may not) be a performance issue. For example in certain circumstances I really have trouble to access the frame text handles (either with the move tool or any text tool). I noticed that these behaviour reverted to normal when I closed the program and opened it again (but not the crash on expand). All the problems I had with slow/erratic behaviour including the one I'm reporting here had to do with the text tools/functions so far - if that helps. So it may be related. I don't have the doc where it occured anymore. If i
  8. OK I am answering my own question. One must double click on the word ""name" and not the word "section name", like I did for the past 48 hours It's slightly confusing for me, UI wise (but it's my fault)
  9. Hello, I think I have a problem with the field panel. What I am trying to do is to insert some section name in the master page, so I am creating a new text frame at the bottom of the page, and open the field panel and double click on the "section name" area. Now the insert text cursor appear correctly, but when I double click on the section name nothing happens (no grey tone changes, no acknowledgment of my clicking) Note that I am able to insert a page number (see screenshot) via the text>insert>field>page number, but I can't insert a page number by using the panel.
  10. Thanks Walt, I never tried in Designer to be honest (Never really have any use to them) so I should have tried there first before asking. (I was so proud of my first screencast as well ) The video tutorial doesn't mention a difference between Mac and Windows neither so I assumed it was meant to be the same.
  11. Hello! Not sure if it's a bug or me not understanding how it works, but I have an unexpected behaviour when I try to add a shape (in this case it's a text frame (shape converted as a text frame) that I can add to the assets panel by "add from selection" but refuses to be added by drag and drop. The shape moves" behind" the panel instead. All the windows (studio panels and canvas) are docked. I have even recorded a small video! Maybe I misunderstood the help files though.... Assets.avi
  12. I must add: I had another go in expanding the field of the master page, and it doesn't crash. So it could be only when I am trying to expand a publication page. Maybe that's the way one should do (but it should give me an error message instead then!)
  13. Hi there! I have a bit of the same. Publisher crashes on expanding the filler text, as well as sometimes just when I click on the filler text (without even left click to choose the option).. It never crashes (so far) when I click on the text with the move tool, only with the frame text tool or the artistic text tool. It never crashes with "normal text" (non-filler) as far as I'm aware. I have autorised bug reports so it should be logged somewhere.
  14. @peterD I use both Photoshop and Lightroom for my day job, so I know how they work, and I wouldn't choose Affinity Photo to replace Aperture/Lightroom. Completely different workflow (and that's why I am using both Photoshop and Lightroom for completely different stuff)... As I said, maybe at some point Affinity will disrupt the Adobe status-quo (only 100% compatibilty with my clients refrains me from changing shops at the moment - and I'm not completely disatisfied with Photoshop like I was with Illustrator). Me too I downloaded lightroom and didn't need the help files, but that's because t
  15. I am not a photo user but I guess it's because Aperture is more like Photoshop Lightroom than Affinity Photo (edits saved as a sidecar file as opposite to layers saved with the document*). Remove layers from any photo editing software, and I'll track you until you beg for mercy You find it complex, because its aim is not to simply organise and do some light retouch (Like you'd do with Aperture and Lightroom) but is able to handle things that are incredibly complex and out of the scope of Aperture/Lightroom (*were* of the scope of Aperture then). I think that maybe at some point Affinity
  16. Hello, I am starting to re-learn Designer with the arrival of 1.7, and there are a few things that I didn't undertsand first time, with no improvement on understanding with the new version First one is a biggie: What on earth is OpencolorIO. Mind you, I don't work in animated movies and rarely handle LUTs (although it may happen). I checked the help files (didn't help), checked the OpenIO website (Very obscure language), and also this very forum (with a link in one thread refering to explanatory videos - link is broken on Vimeo) I am generally fairly familiar with colour manageme
  17. Thanks I have just checked and it has automatically updated when I launched AD this morning. That was me being impatient Thanks a lot!
  18. Hi @Patrick Connor, I bought the original Designer from the microsoft store and it upgraded automatically on the 1.7, but ' have not yet upgraded to 1.7.1 I'm wary of manually downloading. I opened the software this morning and I'm still on the Will it come later? Cheers!
  19. God, thanks, I feel a bit stupid now Out of curiosity: I saw that the node tool and move tool exist in two versions (one with the "nesting" arrow and one without) I thought it might be an alternate version where you can nest other tools into them, but I tried to drag and drop tools into the nesting versions and it's not working. No luck with the help files either. Not the end of the world though, I lived without since... EDIT: forget it, it's simpler than I thought. The tools are already nested when placed into the bar.
  20. Hello, As I gradually wade into the new features one by one, I noticed a few odd things. 1- I can get the point transform tool by pressing "F" but I can't see that particular tool as an icon in the tools panels. Also, is the point transform tool supposed to accept the power duplicate function? I tried, and it's not working. 2- When I try to use the transform node function (see screenshots) it seems I'm not able to see the transform box. I think I have deselected "hide box when dragging", just in case, but none of the transform handles are showing, and I can't use the transform panel
  21. @PÅ¡enda You can't always choose how your clients work. Grouping them would mean selecting them anyway (from an .ai file given to me to work on) If anything, I am the one who groups, renames, colours and overall organises other's people files.
  22. @gdenby Thanks for the tip about the "lasso" tool. I saw that in the overview of the new version on Affinity website and been looking for how to achieve it everywhere (I don't think it's in the help files but I may be wrong)
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