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  1. Hello Ash and team, Perhaps "bugs" and negative feedback are more useful to you all, but as some of your product users are genuinely quite thrilled with your products, you might consider adding a topic to the forum: "positive notes and congrats". Congratulations on a great presentation yesterday. The performance of the "personas" in publisher is just incredible. As an enthusiastic beta tester I had pre-ordered Publisher and proceeded to install the final version yesterday evening. I just had to try out these "personas" that had been a mystery during the Beta months. What a revelation! The "persona" function is amazing and instantly my favorite feature in Publisher. It works flawlessly. This is going to be such a timesaver! Thank you for all your efforts and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Franky
  2. Finally used your instructions to install the Dutch library. Dziekuje bardzo !
  3. Franky Drappier

    cmyk export

    Hello Sean, Thank you so much for your reply. I work with different printing shops and have only had remarks from one. The first time there was an issue with the pdf giving weird results in their "rip" (don't know exactly what and how). This problem was solved by making the pdf compatible with an older version (2003). The second remark was about the 100% black issue. I've included a screenshot of the settings I generally use for export (print settings 1), and one of the settings I use for this particular printer (print settings 2).
  4. Franky Drappier

    cmyk export

    Hello Joachim, Thank you for all the research - i've repeated your test n°4 and: tadaa ! Success ! I would however prefer to use an icc profile so, yes, still some tweaking to do by affinity. Being able to export the lay-outs is obviously crucial. But for now I'm saved. Thanks again !
  5. Franky Drappier

    cmyk export

    it seems you are correct- the text on the next page however, should be. When i render a pdf of the second page the text that is 100%k in my document becomes 73c - 71m - 69y - 80k
  6. Franky Drappier

    cmyk export

    Yes the colour is set to cmyk in the Document Setup. I've included 2 sample pages of the document. croisière_groupes_NL_-_sample.afpub
  7. Franky Drappier

    cmyk export

    Hello, Let me try to explain the situation: when exporting a file for print in cmyk, the black text converts from 0C 0M 0Y 100K to a rastered c73 m71 y69 k80. How can I export so the 100K stays 100k? How should I configure the settings? Thank you.
  8. Franky Drappier

    Publisher beta - closing down

    Windows 10 Pro Beta version 249.Experiencing quite a few crashes (program shutting down), especially when switching pages or scrolling through the document. This happened with a 32 page document but also with a 12 page document. Both documents contain a lot of pictures - Embedded in the 32 page, Linked in the 12 page.
  9. Franky Drappier

    Tables - Weird Column/Row Functionality

    I've encountered that same problem in version 249. I have the feeling that there were previous versions that handled tables better (on windows). Also experiencing quite a few crashes, especially when switching pages or scrolling through the document.
  10. Franky Drappier


    You're absolutely right, Walt. I should have been more clear. Thank you for your help. It's true that the program is very complete and impressive allready. In hindsight I'm glad Affinity didn't rush things and delayed the release of publisher a few times. Just a little bug here and there, nothing major.
  11. Franky Drappier


    And then, when the answer turns out to be so simple, one feels a bit like a boob... Thanks for the help.
  12. Franky Drappier


    Hello Walt, In the previous version, when i got into the text frame, the "tab" slider showed on top of the frame. In this newer version it appears this is not the case anymore. Do I need to change a setting or something? I now use the Tab Stop in the "paragraph" menu, but i like the visual slider.
  13. Franky Drappier


    Hello, It seems like text "Tabs" aren't available in version 162. It worked perfectly in the previous version. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Franky Drappier

    Import table data

    Hello Carl123, Having tried on both platforms I can confirm that it does work in the Windows (version 157), while it doesn't on the mac (version 162) OS Sierra 10.12.6. (P.S. I've tried to use punctuation, spelling and grammar as sparingly as I possibly could...)
  15. Franky Drappier

    image scaling

    Hello, Thank you for your reply. The "properties" method certainly helps, but isn't exactly doing what I meant. I've been doing this a lot in Indesign and it's a real timesaver for example when updating brochures with new images etc. When i have a certain image cropped and rotated in a shape for ex. i just drag in the updated image and it just takes over all the properties of the previous image. It's a handy feature, but in no way a dealbreaker though. I'm sure there's a handy workaround in Publisher. I'm about ready to make the full Adobe-Affinity switch.