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  1. Hi Affinity - not heard back re this - any luck finding the reason it keeps crashing when I open the file? I'm using windows and have updated the software - makes me reluctant to try new files until this is sorted
  2. Hi - yes I tried it yesterday and today and just tried the ctrl+ too but still the same
  3. Hi - any idea how long it takes to get back to someone? It's been 3 and half weeks...
  4. Any luck with identifying the problem?
  5. I am using the latest version on windows and when I open a specific file the whole program closes down - I can open an A5 2 page document but when I try to open one with about 30 pages it just closes down
  6. Hi - since the last update publisher closes down about 30 seconds after it has opened - anyone else having this problem?
  7. cctheatre

    affinity photo - Export box stuck on

    Hi - no that didn't happen but thanks that worked - and seems to have been a one-off - Is 'exporting' the way to save adjusted files as new photos? Also are there any 'arty' or 'cartoonise' filters that can be applied I can't seem to find any - thanks
  8. Hi - used photo for the first time today and exported a photo as a png to save it in my photo folder (not sure if that's how I'm meant to save as a new photo) - which it has done but now the export box won't go away and whatever I click on the computer just makes a noise - I can click on cancel but it doesn't go away - I can't even close the programme. Thanks for reading