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  1. Thanks @Murfee. Once I've got a document to that stage, I will test. Currently still setting up the Master pages. Layout is an occasional activity for me, so it generally takes me a while - as much because I keep changing my mind about what I need to include. I don't mind having to start from scratch occasionally, as I often find that is a good way to consolidate my learning, especially with regard to what order to do things. I learn a lot by making mistakes! Would be useful to know whether it is possible to change that initial setting though. I have colleagues (Pageplus users) who p
  2. I'm getting to grips with Publisher, and find I've a few queries related to my needs. I'm setting up a document to use as a template for a range of future documents which will have master pages in common. These documents will include text, svg chart images and photos, and will be saved as pdf to be made available as a download. The resulting files need to be suitable to both view on a screen and also printed using whatever printer the user has available. I'm aware that if I was setting up a document to be used in a particular way, then I would choose settings accordingly when setting up
  3. I have added a request to the suggestions list. I periodically have to do indexing for others, and I can see huge benefits of being able to use the indexing mark when using search and replace.
  4. It would be useful to be able to search for index marks so you can search for particular indexed terms and replace them with an unindexed term (identical or not). Currently, you can't add the indexing mark to a search or a replace entry. Would this be possible? Being able to search for the indexing marks would also make it possible to remove all indexing marks from a document, if you wanted to make major changes and start again. It would also enable you to search for particular entries in the text and add an indexing mark where appropriate. I'm aware you can search for index re
  5. I wondered if your could use Find and Replace to deal with this, but I can't find any way to search for the indexing marker and remove it However, if you search for the word you want to remove from the index, any entries with an index marker will have a downward pointing arrow in front of the word you search for. While the replace function doesn't seem to remove the indexing marker, at least it makes it possible to identify entries and locate them so you can delete the marker. A final check of an updated or new index will be needed to make sure you've caught them all. Would
  6. View menu> Studio > Fields Gives a document information panel. Scroll down, and under General information there is Date & Time, with a button on the side where you can change to UK English, and also adjust the date and time formats. Dates are ordered differently in US and UK English, so worth a try.
  7. One of the things I need to do regularly is produce a list of abbreviations. I'm setting up a text style using initial words settings (love this - it is so useful for knitting patterns). However, one thing I really want to do is preserve the first character on each line as lower case unless I specifically type it in as a capital, as I want the abbreviations to appear in the same form they are used in the text. Some are all lower case, others all capitals (eg k2tog, pm, skp, WS). It's always a pain to have to go in and replace capitals with lower case, as these can reset when typing or editin
  8. Hopefully, someone else will know. I can't access my computer right now, and haven't used the feature in Designer. I can't see anything obvious in the Workbook either.
  9. I did this myself earlier. Can't check on my computer right now for exact wording, but look in the text menu for something along the lines of Special Characters.
  10. I'm not an expert on working with layout software by any means, and it's a while since I participated in the beta testing. However, having spent just a short time today exploring the software and following the online tutorials, I am finding it easy to switch from working in Page Plus to working with Publisher. It isn't like learning from scratch at all, you will find your previous knowledge useful as you learn the new Software. I made the switch from the Plus range to Affinity Photo and Designer some time ago and have found these to be easier to use than the Plus range, much more intuitiv
  11. I enjoyed the launch and spent some time today exploring Publisher. You've done an amazing amount of work since I had chance to participate in the beta testing. It is amazing. Well done.
  12. Page Plus users would be in a much worse position in the future if Serif weren't producing Publisher. Perhaps you would rather wait until some point in the future when some change outside Serif's control means the software is no longer usable, you haven't access to your Page Plus documents, and are without an affordable replacement available. I consider myself responsible for future-proofing my business. This means accepting that things outside my control are changing, and doing something about it. In my case, I will contribute what I can to the beta work, make suggestions as to what opt
  13. Even if Serif continued to develop Pageplus, it still has a limited lifespan. Operating system, software standards and computer architecture changes mean that any programme with years old core software runs the risk of being sidelined by not being able to run on new machines and/or operating systems. It's frustrating enough when you invest in a new computer, only to discover that it won't talk to your reliable printer. So not only to you have to buy a new printer, but you find it is much more temperamental. How much more frustrating to discover overnight that you can no longer use your DTP sof
  14. The way I figure it, I would rather be an early adopter. Firstly, Serif software isn't expensive compared to many others, and there is often a discount on first release. I don't have to pay for a monthly subscription which is far more expensive that the occasional purchases of upgraded software with Serif. If I don't want to upgrade when a new paid for version comes out, I don't have to do so if I don't want to, or can wait a little while. However, I generally find there is some feature with Serif releases which makes it well worth upgrading: because it will save me time, make work easier and
  15. Simple undo and redo options can be found in the EDIT menu, along with the short cuts.
  16. I'd also add that many people using DTP software are not graphically trained. I have learnt to do certain tasks myself because it makes sense not to have to pay someone else to do it. It means I don't have a background of knowledge and experience when it comes to setting up documents for printing. A preset document layout takes a lot of guesswork, angst, and research out of a task, and means I don't make mistakes due to lack of knowledge.
  17. I can't be sure what the original poster meant, but having played with the software a little more, it would be good if you could copy a page from another AP document, or even a whole AP document into a second document you are working in. Occasionally, I work on a file for a client which she will later add to her book file in Page Plus. As we are both working at the same time, we can't work on the same file. I can see plenty of advantages in working on a book in a single file, but this would give it the flexibility to overcome the main disadvantage of not having separate files for in
  18. The style option for Initial Words is a huge positive as far as I am concerned. I am currently using Page Plus to produce knitting patterns. Being able to select blocks of row instructions and place all the row headers in bold quickly and easily to separate them from the actual instructions without having to select every single section of text will be amazing. It will be well worth purchasing for this alone. If there are flowing tables and options for working book chapters separately, even better. Please keep up the good work.
  19. Well, I have not had any formal training, but I have picked up an incredible amount of knowledge for both the Serif Plus and Affinity ranges from their video tutorials, help files, written tutorials etc. I've found that if there is something I want to achieve which the software is capable of, I can providing I am willing to spend a little time researching (including any background knowledge I need), trying things out and giving it a go. It's taken me time, as I don't use the software even every week, but I try to increase my skills whenever I get the chance. Occasionally, I look else
  20. I've opened a pdf from a document produced in Page Plus: this was formatted without using text styles. Everything comes up as No Style. While it is possible to edit the font etc, changing font, it appears impossible to select text and apply a body copy style.
  21. I like the look of the new software, and it seems pretty intuitive to use. One of the things I and a client upgraded Serif Page Plus for was the tables which could be linked so the data could flow between separate sections and pages as layout adjustments are made (much in the same way that text flows within text frames). I'd love to see this as an option, and I know my client finds this essential in her work.
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