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  1. Copy Paste Directly From Affinitny Publisher.mp4
  2. Ok, I see that connection with the tt in the Calibri font. Thanks for your help, Mike!
  3. Sorry, Mike. Hadn't refreshed my page. So it's a Calibri issue! I used Ariel and it solved the issue. Thanks for your help!
  4. Do you think this is an issue with Affinity Publisher, or with the PDF reader? I just downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, then used the copy/paste function, and it gave me squares, not question marks.
  5. Thanks for your reply! Attached is the PDF in question. 8-19-19 Quote Universal Healthcare - Fuquay-Varina‚Ä©.pdf
  6. When I copy and paste text from PDF file I exported from Affinity Publisher, I get weird characters. Text Not Rendering Properly in PDF Export.mp4
  7. BrianUni

    PDF Export Problem

    Thanks so much for your help! Check out the video! Affinity Publisher Change Browser Title of PDF.mp4
  8. BrianUni

    PDF Export Problem

    Can anyone help me with the problem I describe in the video above?
  9. Please see attached video PDF Export Problem.mp4
  10. I just downloaded the non-beta software version of Affinity Publisher. I can't find how to auto open a PDF when exporting? Any suggestions?
  11. BrianUni

    Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow

    Thanks so much, Walt! I was expecting it to work the same as Serif Page Plus X9. But, I actually like the Paragraph Spacing Adjustment, too! Thanks for your help!
  12. When I hold down the Ctrl button and the Shift Button, then press the down arrow, I expect the entire line of text to be highlighted. Instead, the line below simply gets moved down.
  13. Would it be possible to support the import of Page Plus File types into Affinity Publisher? This would be extremely helpful for me, since I've been using Page Plus since version X3.