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  1. After the recent update the behavior is the same. Affinity Publisher is the only Program showing this behavior out of all them. I have no pending or available graphics updates, and everything is updated system wise as well. Moving the mouse does the same thing and so does typing. The version is labeled
  2. I also just tried simply moving the mouse in random directions while not hitting any keyboard or mouse buttons and I was able to get it to regularly hit 100% GPU. No capture software was running at all. Here is a high example.
  3. Thank you. I will see if that is able to grab the display. I split my window and the task manager shows a GPU spike to 80% and on the low end 50% while typing. It hovers around 60 to 75% GPU while typing but drops down when I'm done. The CPU goes up to about 10% when typing so I doubt it is that. This is kind of confusing.
  4. Dell Update and Windows Update both show no graphics driver updates, and slow typing doesn't happen with any other program on my system. No the Harddrive isn't very active. It always looks like a GPU thing. Here I show that the minimized Designer is using the GPU with no file opened, and Publisher is still VERY slow with typing in that file. What free software do you know of that I may be able to try and record besides OBS if that will help?
  5. Text fields and two tables. I was mocking up a simple invoice to learn Publisher. The delay is apparent when editing the Master and much worse when editing the actual pages. I attached the file. The problems persist between computer reboots and also program reboots. This is version of Publisher. Thank you. SlowAnon.afpub
  6. Hello. I searched for delayed typing and couldn't see any other postings in 3 pages. I'm just starting to learn Publisher and I noticed that when I type there is a large delay in the text coming out and I can't record with OBS to show. I have to type and wait for the letters to display for about 3 to 5 seconds after I type them. I only have been doing a few words at a time with the delay and it is severely slowing me down. My document isn't complicated and I only have a single image. I have to wait about five seconds for this to finish typing itself out: "This sentence takes about
  7. I tried on a simple circle on a document of 640 x 640 and can still see the inaccuracies. This is zoomed in to see the lower magenta layer peeking out from inaccuracies when you couldn't see it before expanding the stroke with Designer updated to I didn't get a chance to try the file provided, but wanted to try the resolution trick myself. Still great software.
  8. I don't want to make icons that are blurry so pixel perfect accuracy is a must. They do market for icons and pixel perfect accuracy so this is still disappointing. The suite is meant to work together from what I understand, and I don't want/need to depend another program to do this (Inkscape, etc).
  9. I just got a similar thing I believe with it being inaccurate. Some points are made correctly some are changed to points that don't match the shape. The tips of my paths aren't expanding and matching the shape with curves. What are you guys doing to work around this or should I refund my purchase? 2 years is quite a long time for a bug.
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