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  1. ScottFromWyoming

    Publisher Demo?

    *looks at calendar* I need a trial version to show the bossman what it can do. Now that Apple's pushing their new 64-bit only OS, a lot of us with CS6 or earlier are finally needing to get serious about a replacement...
  2. ScottFromWyoming


    Yes, from the 1800s, it's an old unit like pints and feet, altho with the advent of computers, we did update to exactly 6 picas per inch, rather than the old measure which worked out to something like 6.0005 picas to the inch.
  3. ScottFromWyoming

    Add "Print view" option

    No, I took OP's request as wanting something like View/Screen Mode/Preview in InDesign, which turns off all extraneous marks and nonprinting items, grays out the pasteboard. I can toggle it on and off by just typing W.
  4. ScottFromWyoming

    Affinity Publisher Public Free Beta Available NOW

    I'm happy to be testing this out and will put it thru its paces for a week before commenting more... But is there a FAQ page for the Beta? Is printing disabled or am I doing something wrong? PDF worked great tho.
  5. ScottFromWyoming

    Add "Print view" option

    I don't want the current printer to ever affect the document. I have printers for quick proofing, but the output is PDF 99.9% of the time. What output device I may be connected to at the moment is 100% irrelevant! Thanks.
  6. ScottFromWyoming


    The first thing I tried to do was set up a doc using picas. Of course I can redesign the page but 1p is so much easier to type than .167in

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