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  1. Hi, the difference is, an embedded picture looses his connection to the original, a linked picture stays in contact. This is very usefull, if you want to place a picture more than once (f.e. a logo) or you want to retouch the picture. Indesign or Quark XPress are working that way. These programs are showing a preview and stores the link to the original file. I can place hundreds of GB of pictures, but the file size increases not that much. Last month i have been working at a catalog with 1.200 pictures, app. 210 GB, and the filesize of my indesign document was 240 MB. Unfortunately Affinity Publisher is embedding even the linked file including the complete file size of each picture. My first Publisher project is a calender: 12 .afphoto pictures between 180 and 360 MB, 2,5 GB all together. The publisher file ist 2,4 GB and I need to place all pictures again on the titel…. I hope Serif will fix this in the final version. Have fun Michael
  2. Thank you all for your help. @gdenby: I used the soft brush now @gdenby: No, i didn't use wet egdes. @IndigoMoon: 16 bit work! Here is the result: In a 16 bit picture, a soft brush with 2% flow and (under "More") 35 distance works fine. At least, Affinity Photo brushes act much more different than the PS-brushes. Thats OK if I can get the desired result. have a nice sunday Michael
  3. Hello to all, what I use most of all in photoshop ist a soft brush with 1-5% Flow to paint masks, shadows, lights and color into my pictures. It is essential, that the flow is really low and the edges are very smooth. Please take a look on my example: I paint 10 tiny little circles with a normal brush (300px, opacity 100%, flow, 5%, hardness 0%). In Photoshop, the color builds up slowly to app. 50% ant the edges are soft and smooth. Same way in Affinity Photo i got 100% opacity and hard edges. I've tried a lot of way to create a brush that acts like the one in Photoshop. Nothing works. What should I do? I've got Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher Beta. These are really great tools. Especially publisher make me smile because I hope, I can kick Indesgin. And Illustrator and Photoshop too. But with brushes working like this, I can't do 90% of my retouching in Affiniy Photo. I hope u can help. Thank in advance. Michael