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  1. I can follow your steps and the min. spacing does not change. But, when I - change the min. spacing f.e. to -50% - change the max. spacing to f.e. +150% I can change the number für the desired spacing between -50 and + 150% and the sting of my text is according to this. Sorry, I can’t make a screen recording but I hope you understand what I mean. Michael
  2. With the newest update 1.9.2 via the App-Store (Designer) or directly in Publisher the profiles showed up properly.
  3. I have found a solution: When I copy the ICC-Files into the folder shown in the screenshot, the profiles are available in Publisher. All other folders are not working.
  4. Hi thomaso, placing the profiles in the library folders works. I can choose the profiles in publisher 1.8.6 but the I can't see them in publisher
  5. Thank you for your work. No I can place and update all pictures. What still does not work is house a specific ICC-Profile. I have installed them as mentioned here but the profiles are not shown in the dialog box. Kind regards Michael
  6. This does not work on Mac mini M1, Big Sur 11.2.3 and Publisher 1.9xxx even the actual beta
  7. I can confirm this. All images I've placed in my test-document stayed in place when I replace oder actualize them. Even a afpublisher-file I've tested works fine. It seems to me, the problem is fixed. Kind regards Michael
  8. I guess the bug is nearly fixed. I placed several files in publisher, changed the files in color or color-mode and updated the links. This is what happen: JPG + TIF, both in a picture frame, scaled, free position: fine afdesign-files 1 as "linked document" scaled, no picture frame: fine 1 in a picture frame, scaled, free position: fine PDF from Designer 1 as "linked document" scaled, no picture frame: fine 1 in a picture frame, scaled, free position: fine PDF from Word 1 as "linked document" scaled, no picture frame: fine 1 in a picture frame, scaled, free pos
  9. This is still not working properly as you can see here: I just changed the color mode from RGB to CMYK. When I actualize the image, it remains it’s size, but not it’s position within the picture frame. In Versions 1.8.6 this works fine.
  10. Hi Gabe, for me it is not "slightly worse". It is a catastrophe! Usual I am working with low-res RGB pictures when I am lay outing the pages. At the end - when the layout is confirmed - I replace all pictures with the final retouched High-Res Versions. This works fine - until now. I am so so happy, that I did not update to 1.9. until my last photobook-projekt with 180 pages and 250 pictures was ready. By now I can dump my actual project with several pages and lots of pictures an re-do all the work in Publisher 1.8, where the problem does not occur. Unfortunately there is no way to expor
  11. Hi Dan, thank you for your answer and sorry for my late response. I've had some trouble with my Mac mini M1. I have already begun to copy all pictures to a new document because presumed, the complete file was defect. Even if I inserted the text into a new frame, the ill behavior won’t change. Unfortunately my file has 180 pages with approximately 250 picture - some kind of coffee table book from my last vacation in Denmark. Good to know that this failure is logged in. I am looking forward to a future update 😀 Kind regards Michael
  12. Hi Walt, thank you for the quick response. I know the function of the two handles. The way I insert the text is: a. 1. Frame: Sample-text is formatted, I mark the text and overwrite it with plain text from the clipboard. Text is too much for the frame. Size, color etc. is OK (10.5 pt, color 100% K) b. I click on the lower right red arrow, then click an drag for an new textframe c. Text flows into the 2. frame: Alle tat in this frame is 7.9 pt, color RGB-black. If I mark all text and increase the font size manually or add an text stile, the font size in the 1. frame remains
  13. Hi, I am working with Publisher 1.8.6 on my new Mac mini M1 Big Sur. When I connect two text frames (text flows to the next frame) the fantasize changes to a smaller size and the color ist RGB instead of CMYK. I am using text stiles to format the text, but this does not help. Even if I try to adjust the fontsize manually, it remains bigger in the first and smaller in the second frame. How can I fix that? Michael
  14. Hi, the difference is, an embedded picture looses his connection to the original, a linked picture stays in contact. This is very usefull, if you want to place a picture more than once (f.e. a logo) or you want to retouch the picture. Indesign or Quark XPress are working that way. These programs are showing a preview and stores the link to the original file. I can place hundreds of GB of pictures, but the file size increases not that much. Last month i have been working at a catalog with 1.200 pictures, app. 210 GB, and the filesize of my indesign document was 240 MB. Unfortunately A
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