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  1. Hi there! It seems to work!!! 😃 I tested both methods, "Replace Image" and "Resource Manager" and I didn't had any issue. Thank you very much! I will try it out with other files. I wish you all a wonderfull day! Cheers, M.
  2. Same here... I was so enthusiast wenn I saw the new release.. but, yes, as @thomaso said: it became even worst. I know, everybody has its own trouble and issue, but in my opinion this feature is at the really basic of such a software. @Gabe any news from the developers? I wish you all a good night and a good new week for tomorrow! Cheers M.
  3. Thank you Gabe! I think this is the biggest issue for architects. We work on huge presentation and during the layout and export we need the possbility to update our links without to lose everytime the scale/position/rotation settings. Also it will be nice, that if you relocate your Links-folder, you would need to update one link and the AP should understand to take the links from this new folder. (Hope you understand what I mean) Thank you in advance and I wish you all a wonderfull day! Cheers Manuel
  4. Hey Thomaso Thank you very much for your quick answer! Yeah, I know.. I spend the whole day trying to figure it out if I was doing something wrong, or if it's a Programm bug (I don't wanted to give up.. :-P). Hopfully this function will work better in the next release, I think this is a huge problem if working with big large Documents. But still, I'm very happy with the Affinity Suite! Have a nice Day! Cheers MNU
  5. Is there some solutions for this? Another big problem ist that each time that I try to update or change a PDF, this one will go back to 100% of it scale. That means that after updating my Links I have to manually adjust every single "crop/zoom". Ther must be an option, so that the Program understand to maintain the Changes of the Content in a Picture Frame. Do you understand what I mean? Thank you in advance for your time and I wish you all a wonderfull day! Cheers MNU
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