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    chans.serif got a reaction from hawk in Toggle between Move Tool and Last Used Tool   
    Is there anyway to turn this off so that the 'v' key only binds to the move tool? Right now pressing 'v' switches back-and-forth between the move tool and the most recently used tool. I checked the keyboard shortcuts and 'v' is only assigned to the move tool. Any insight is much appreciated!
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    chans.serif reacted to Patrick Connor in Hyperlinks for Affinity Publisher   
    @mich_, @zangad, @Peter Scott, @Marinaa
    Welcome to all of you to the Serif Affinity forums   
    It says a lot about this feature request that so many potential customers want to create an account to add to this thread.
    To all readers,
    You may be pleased to hear that I understand this feature is being worked on currently, though I do not know of the exact progress.
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    chans.serif reacted to travisbevan in Copying text from Indesign to Publisher   
    When I did this, the text box had two columns and several lines in each column. 
    The text went from a single two column text box to 16 separate text boxes. It copied the font and formatting.
    It also did not keep the lines in a paragraph. It made each line separate.