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  1. Hey Guys, Would it be possible to allow aligning by guide lines per chance. My use case is that I wanted to perfectly align an object between to guide lines, but currently of course that does not appear to be an option. Cheers,
  2. Hey Guys, Can I just ask how you 'set and forget' the language, i had the same problem thinking spelling was not working. I already have a document I want to check, where do I go to select the language and make it stick for all the text boxes, I can select English from the Language section on the right hand side, but it always reverts to unknown. Cheers,
  3. See the post below Aammppaa, that's what I mean, however your advice helps massively. I did not even see that panel!!
  4. Yes, That's what I mean
  5. Hi, Thank's, that goes some way to enabling what I'm looking for, though maybe more so for the other topic I had open about measuring against different anchor points. What I did just figure is that when you drag from the top left corner of the screen to reset where the ruler begins on the page, you get a dynamic read out of the X & Y as you drag the ruler into place. What I was getting at is that I'd like to then see that dynamic read out all the time as I move the cursor once the ruler is set. That way say I could move an object and know that say it's exactly say 30mm on the Y axis. At the moment if I'm dragging an object around, I can't see accurately see the measurements as I drag it. I use Corel Draw and there you can always see a read of the ruler measurements relative to the cursor position on screen. I hope that makes sense!?!
  6. Hi, Just had the mouse cursor over the object I want to measure against, but still only measuring against the text box above for some reason!
  7. Hi, I've taken a look here, but I could not work it out. I've attached a file. Under snapping only snap to guides is turned on. but as you can see it's measuring against the text box above, when in reality say I'd like to measure to the picture frame to the right and above that text box. Does that make sense. If this was snapping based should it not be measuring against the guide line that's in between the what I'm moving and the text box? Cheers,
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is not my problem though. I have the rulers up. I can see them. What I'm getting at is I thought / think there should be a dynamic readout somewhere that shows the actual X & Y measurements. All I can do at the moment is look at the floating line on the ruler that of course moves as I move the cursor. Surely somewhere it should tell me these measurements? Cheers,
  9. Hey Guys, Am I missing something super obvious. I can't see anywhere on screen that shows the ruler measurements for the X and Y axis. It great having a ruler, but just looking at it is not accurate enough. I'm sure I'm missing something here. Cheers,
  10. Thanks, I'll take a look.
  11. Hey Guys, Forgive me if I don't express this in the correct terms, but is there an ability in publisher to chose the 'anchor' points for the auto measuring when you move something. I'm talking about the incredibly useful little arrows that come up and show you how far away / close you are to the item below and above. Great for when you trying to equally space something. it's just that sometimes I want to select a different item that it measures against. Hope that makes enough sense. Cheers,
  12. So hope we see an iPad version, will purchase in a heart beat to complete the suite!!
  13. Hey Guys, for the life of me I can’t produce a dotted line. I select pen, I select dash icon in stroke studio, I set the phase, dash and gap and draw a line. I only ever get a solid line. I can then click on the line and try and adjust. I can see the values, but the line remains solid! One of those things that should be so easy. If it’s not a bug either I’m a fool or some other setting so where interferes. I’ve uploaded the whole doc. You will see the diagonal blue line in question. Really frustrating me! Untitled.afdesign
  14. Would love to see an iPad release of this! Nothing like it on iOS and photo and designer are incredible!!
  15. Ikikuru


    Hoping my new iPad Pro 11 will se some real speed benefits in areas like this! Looking forward to 1.7!!