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  1. Hey Guys, So I can draw a rectangle for instance, and and edit the fill colour and opacity as I’d expect. However as soon as I add a distortion to the rectangle, whilst still selected, I can no longer edit the colour or opacity. The layer was a pixel layer before the perspective distortion and is a pixel layer after. It’s really frustrating and I can see no valid reason for it. Any ideas? Is this a bug?
  2. Hi, thanks for replying. Yep I did end up breaking everything up in illustrator, but I’m actually lucky to have a subscription at the moment which I soon won’t have, also kind of defeats the object just wanting to use affinity designer a little I suppose!
  3. Thanks for the response, yep you can actually un group, I do think I fully explored this. When I then tried to drag a selection box around say just one asset, it appears to select everything, but actually you can move what you’ve selected as well as few other layers selected by mistake, so not ideal, but certainly workable, thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, I know designer can open .eps files. See the attached one. Problem is when i open this in designer on my ipad, everything is grouped and I can't ungroup. if opened in illustrator each of the assets can easily be manipulated as they are individually selectable. But in designer the file is pretty much useless. Am I doing something stupidly wrong? Cheers, 1_UmVhbGlzdGlj.eps
  5. thanks chaps for the feedback!! Got this working both ways!! Same outcome either way, the one I wanted
  6. Thank you so much!!! That is indeed way easier!! I also just managed to figure the other way out though, I was about to re-post. All I had to do for some odd reason is convert the pic to a .jpg rather than affinity photo format. Then it worked. Odd it does not work in the native format!!
  7. ok so it turns out I need to export that pic to a jpg first, then it works. Why is that? seems odd it does not work from an actual photo file!?!?
  8. Hi Guys, I've followed a number of videos and just can't get perspective mapping to work. I simply want to add a picture into the screen of the laptop (file attached) I go to projections and add a perspective projection, I map it to the screen. Then I click on the hand icon (have also clicked on arrow icon, no difference) I then place a picture, (at this point I only see the picture) I then merge down, click back on perspective projection (also just simply cleared projection at this point again no difference) and I basically seem to have to completely different images. They both show as pixel layers. Most of the time once I've placed the new picture, I can't even get back to the laptop image. In layers for the picture I've just inserted I can't see the laptop!! Can anyone help? laptop.afphoto
  9. Sorry I did'nt record it in the video, but I have every other time merged the picture down before the final step of clearing projection. Makes no difference to the outcome!
  10. Hi Guys, Hope someone is still active here. I can't get this to work at all, I'm sure I must be doing something wrong of course, hopefully I've attached a video as well as the image I'm trying to work on. I just want to be able to add a picture to fit within the laptop screen! laptop.afphoto RPReplay_Final1571690451.MP4
  11. Hey Guys, Would it be possible to allow aligning by guide lines per chance. My use case is that I wanted to perfectly align an object between to guide lines, but currently of course that does not appear to be an option. Cheers,
  12. Hey Guys, Can I just ask how you 'set and forget' the language, i had the same problem thinking spelling was not working. I already have a document I want to check, where do I go to select the language and make it stick for all the text boxes, I can select English from the Language section on the right hand side, but it always reverts to unknown. Cheers,
  13. See the post below Aammppaa, that's what I mean, however your advice helps massively. I did not even see that panel!!
  14. Hi, Thank's, that goes some way to enabling what I'm looking for, though maybe more so for the other topic I had open about measuring against different anchor points. What I did just figure is that when you drag from the top left corner of the screen to reset where the ruler begins on the page, you get a dynamic read out of the X & Y as you drag the ruler into place. What I was getting at is that I'd like to then see that dynamic read out all the time as I move the cursor once the ruler is set. That way say I could move an object and know that say it's exactly say 30mm on the Y axis. At the moment if I'm dragging an object around, I can't see accurately see the measurements as I drag it. I use Corel Draw and there you can always see a read of the ruler measurements relative to the cursor position on screen. I hope that makes sense!?!
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