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  1. Honestly, I don't really care if you are an alien from the dark side of the moon! I will forgive you because English is not your first language. But I did not "demand" anything. and the number of +1's on here is proof how critical the data merge function is if Affinity want to have a serious dent in Adobe's market share of commercial designers out there. not plebs making designs for school projects. Every month Affinity take to add fundamental changes is another month they are falling behind. The latest updates from Adobe are leaps and bounds ahead of Affinity. But customers will still be happy to change to Affinity if they can do the basic tasks needed. I just hope the AFFINITY team are listening and have added this to their Agile plan - If you are reading this guys (read product owner) please just let us know its in the pipeline and will be in the paid product version when it officially launches.. That is all I, and every other designer on here (this thread) cares about!
  2. LMAO I know exactly how things work sunshine... and FYI I AM NOT "DEMANDING" ANYTHING... if you dont want to add it to the list for future implementation that is up to you. and its not only my £50 it will be the many other professional designers who won't bother switching because your software can't even do the most basic of tasks. so jog on ...and I might not have a clue about "SW DEV" for Affinity Publisher but clearly you dont have a clue about customer care. Personal attacks against people trying to help your business is VERY unprofessional. Good day Sir.
  3. All we are asking is that its made a priority - almost everyone uses personalisation these days so its critical for designers and commercial printers alike
  4. she has many companies looking to employ her. but if you are looking for a java engineer with vast experience in telecoms and mobile technology and at the right price I will let her know..
  5. mate, my wife is a software architect so I do know what is involved. and personally I don't care because I have full licenced Adobe products and will continue to use them until its implemented but clearly I am not the only designer asking for this feature, if you don't want to listen to your potential customers that is your prerogative.
  6. too much other stuff??? you need to listen to your potential customers. us designers can do work arounds for nearly all other things but data merge is a MUST. Im not even interested in Affinity software until this feature is included!
  7. I asked for this before you guys even made the beta version public and its still not implemented. Its such a vital feature and I cannot believe its still not even in the update!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Or just keep using InDesign until the feature is added...?
  9. I agree with all the above. I think its an important feature. I must say I am a little disappointed. there are many vital features missing from this software that makes it a little out of date. Any software architects/engineers reading these forums should take note as the requests users are asking for is what will make your product competitive with Adobe.
  10. it is important for my business. I cannot switch across until its built into the software surely data merge is an important feature? or am I missing something?
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