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  1. There already are a lot of requests for this functionality and I am adding my voice requesting this as well. As an architect as well this need is there for the reason stated above, but also creating documents/publications with fold outs. I won't be able to convince my coworkers to switch over to publisher if functionalities we use regularly in InDesign aren't there.
  2. My first explanation might not have been clear. Unfortunately, when using bullets or numbering, I can't select sections of bulleted/numbered lists and hit the tab key and have those move them to other sublevels. When I try to do this I lose all my text. I then have to go an redefine the text styles section by section, unless I am missing something. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. It would be great if the bulleting and numbering approach could include a multilevel functionality similar to word or InDesign when by pressing Tab or Shift+Tab takes you to the next sub level. Having to define the text style for each level is tedious, time consuming and not intuitive. Is this a functionality that will be rolled out soon or is there a way to accomplish this easily using the bullets and numbering tools?
  4. This is still an issue of Publisher. The amount of work it takes to manage layers individually on each page is bonkers and doesn't work for large projects.
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