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  1. I agree. I have no idea why Designer is being marketed as a professional alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I waited a whole year to ditch Adobe because I needed Publisher as well. I figured that all of the programs would be really solid by the time my subscription came up for renewal again. But I can't use boolean operations in AD without having to force quit. Additionally, AD is missing some features that I don't at all consider optional to professional software (eg perspective/distort/warp tools, the ability to make and use vector brushes including pattern brushes). Don't get me wrong - I absolutely want to support companies like Serif that are taking on Adobe's monopoly-in-practice because competition is really good for us all. I will continue to support them by using their software. I'm just upset that I feel misled. People seriously need to stop talking like AD is an Illustrator replacement because it just isn't. It's great software for students and hobbyists and even pros who want to play around with something different. But it is in no way a replacement for AI when it cannot perform basic vector design functions without repeatedly freezing and crashing.
  2. Carter

    Designer hangs and freezes on "union"

    I'm having this problem as well. I thought it was due to adding a lot of individual curves at once, but it also happens with just two curves. Based on this thread, the problem has been known for over a year. I don't consider this an 'extra' feature... even the early vector illustration apps I used on my old iPad were capable of handling boolean operations, so I'm really disappointed that this hasn't been addressed in what has been billed as AI replacement software. At very least, we need to know what is causing it so we can try to avoid it.
  3. I can't even get master pages to show up. I have a document with 20 facing pages. When I try to create a master with facing pages, I think it is just adding regular pages to the document because the master pages box is literally empty. I'm not seeing margins on my pages even though I set them in the master page creation process. I'll try deleting all pages and then setting up masters. Macbook Air (2013 build) w/ Sierra