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  1. Hello, I have been experiencing this crash also, I see it more often when I have a couple (more than 3) raw files open and developed. My workflow is to typically create a gradient map on each along with a curves adjustment layer. When I go to create a new palette from an image, it will crash if the number is changed from the standard 5 to say, 8 or 10 colors. Image is a PNG file. Environment: macOS: 10.13.6 AP: 1.7.2 Thanks,
  2. Hello All, When painting within a marquee selection, some faint paint artifacts are being displayed outside the marching ants. Is there a solution to prevent this? why is the painting area not being constraint to the marquee area? Version 1.7.1 Thanks, Miguel Painting_outside_marquee.mov
  3. R C-R, I totally agree with your response. However, it is 100 percent addressable. Either have 2 brush panel options or map out the correct applicable brush dependent on what type of layer you have highlighted. Everything else can remain the same. Im not trying to debate why there are 2 types of brushes. My issue is with the nature of the usability of the program. How a novice user or someone that comes from another program that doesn't know the AD fundamentals yet. Obviously this would not apply if the user already knows the architecture of the program. Again, power users will overlook this as an issue because it is not one for them. Thanks,
  4. "They are completely independent of each other." This is why this is an issue. To a novice user, its not known they are independent. Especially when all the tools adjacent to each other DO manipulate the vector object. Im not saying that both of these brushes should carry the same functionality. Its OK if they can't, do to limitations. The issue is that they are not labeled as such. When looking into it, it became very apparent that a vector brush existed because of the icon. The the pixel brush icon is not the same as the vector brush icon. Also, throughout the program you have indications that you are editing in pixel or vector modes. Why not stay consistent and keep it across tool functionality? Certainly, not a big issue. But it should not be overlooked due to non-understanding of the program.
  5. Hello All, I wanted to copy over a feathered brush from the pixel brushes. Since I did not find out how to do it or if it was even possible, I ended up applying a blur to the vector shape. Kinda worked out. I uploaded a video of the issue with the brushes not applying changes because they are not compatible across personas. Im calling this an issue because by default the brushes panel is pinned to the properties pane in the pixel persona. As you can see, you can still edit vector properties when in the pixel persona until you come to the brushes options. Additionally, by default the brushes options is not pinned to the vector persona. The user has to add it manually to panel as shown. Again, the brushes category are named the same in both personas. Link: Thanks,
  6. Hello All, Im having a difficult time with brush selection. How can I copy pixel brush styles to the vector brush styles? Additionally, when editing between vector brushes and pixel brushes. It is inherently impossible to figure out as the user that vector and pixel brushes carry the same functionality. Since navigating between vector and pixel personas, do carry some functionally with the same tools. It would help if the assistant or some message displays that there is some limitations when trying to make a change to a shape with the wrong brush option. I mean, color, stroke and fill all seem to work across personas and do not require an additional gui to display to change properties. Thanks,