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  1. putude

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    After a long long time as beta tester Finally... V1.7 was out! But sadly still without finding and replacing text tool. But nevermind .. I'm waiting for the final Affinity Publisher and ready to switch from AD to AP! hahaha... Thanks for the discounted price Affinity! Great software with affordable price. BRAVO!
  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will try, sir.
  3. We should wait for the update. We could not force the developers to do this. As a user, we don't know how difficult to develop this app to become a great tool (with an affordable price too). Sadly Affinity Publisher is still in Beta Version. I've tried to use it (at least once), however, I cannot edit/open my test project in Affinity Designer/Affinity Photo (incompatible ??). So my project stuck in Affinity Publisher Beta. Hopefully, this app will be released soon at an affordable price similarly with their brother and sister. I believe AP will become a great app for the people.
  4. On version , Windows 10 64bit. I try to set the value of "Desire Letter Spacing" by dragging (red colored arrow) and set percentage number. But it looks locked. Thank you. Putu De
  5. Why not ? I am not talking about Affinity Publisher. Its available on Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw even in Inkscape.
  6. Find & Replace text and Change Case is a basic tools should available in this software.
  7. I copy and paste a lot of text into my flyer design. I need to replace some text, but surprisingly there is no find and replace text tool. Hopefully available on the next version.
  8. My wish, Affinity Designer able to: manipulating text (upper, lower, title, parameter, sentence, etc.. set Tab on the ruler. add Bullets and numbering add text columns add a table and it's content insert, delete, row and columns. I really really love this software..!
  9. putude

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my name is Putu De. From Bali - Indonesia. Now I use Affinity Designer for PC and Affinity Designer for Ipad. Next month I will switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photos (PC and Ipad).