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  1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will try, sir.
  2. We should wait for the update. We could not force the developers to do this. As a user, we don't know how difficult to develop this app to become a great tool (with an affordable price too). Sadly Affinity Publisher is still in Beta Version. I've tried to use it (at least once), however, I cannot edit/open my test project in Affinity Designer/Affinity Photo (incompatible ??). So my project stuck in Affinity Publisher Beta. Hopefully, this app will be released soon at an affordable price similarly with their brother and sister. I believe AP will become a great app for the people.
  3. On version , Windows 10 64bit. I try to set the value of "Desire Letter Spacing" by dragging (red colored arrow) and set percentage number. But it looks locked. Thank you. Putu De
  4. Why not ? I am not talking about Affinity Publisher. Its available on Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw even in Inkscape.
  5. Find & Replace text and Change Case is a basic tools should available in this software.
  6. I copy and paste a lot of text into my flyer design. I need to replace some text, but surprisingly there is no find and replace text tool. Hopefully available on the next version.
  7. My wish, Affinity Designer able to: manipulating text (upper, lower, title, parameter, sentence, etc.. set Tab on the ruler. add Bullets and numbering add text columns add a table and it's content insert, delete, row and columns. I really really love this software..!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my name is Putu De. From Bali - Indonesia. Now I use Affinity Designer for PC and Affinity Designer for Ipad. Next month I will switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photos (PC and Ipad).