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  1. i don't know anything about your grandma but as loukash said: simply answering your question by providing you the solution that worked for us.
  2. Once you go to File > Edit in Publisher, then go to Text Find... which open a Find and Replace dialog box in the Right Studio.
  3. I noticed a massive jump in Publisher's memory usage from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3. A file that I work on nearly every day using 1.8.2 only used a few hundred MB when opened in Publisher. When I loaded the same file with 1.8.3 memory went to over 5,900 MB. This is similar memory usage I saw using my older powerful Windows 7 computer with 16 GB RAM. When I upgraded to a new more powerful Windows 10 computer with 16 GB RAM using 1.8.2, memory usage dramatically dropped to the few hundred MB. I was super stoked that I could keep growing my documents without any apparent restrictions. The file has now been loaded for about 30 minutes and the memory usage just dropped to 155 MB. Stoked. Just did a simple cut and paste of a text box and memory use jumped back to 5,900 MB. Not stoked. Thinking this memory issue might cause problems for some folks. 4/6/20 update: I leave this document open since I work on it every day. This morning Publisher was only using 13 MB RAM. Currently, as I work on the file and save the file, which contains several art boards, RAM usage appears to have stabilized to around 650 MB. This is excellent and consistent with what I saw using 1.8.3. When I work on the file, CPU usage spikes up to around 30% and then drops back to around 0% when I stop working on it.
  4. It's just lorem ipsum text I got from a net search and pasted into text boxes. I set the color using the color panel in the upper right of your screen in the video.
  5. I also found some other Swatch weirdness that I would appreciate you looking at my last reply.
  6. I see you created the global color swatch with a 50% opacity but you didn't show if you can adjust the global color opacity thereby changing the opacity of all objects using the global color. I created a second object using the global color. Changing the global color opacity only affected the selected object. But if you right click on the global color swatch and select Edit Fill, you can change the global color for all objects using the global color. The Edit Fill screen is below. It seems that putting an opacity slider on the edit fill screen would be a good solution. I also found some other Swatch weirdness that I would appreciate you looking at my last reply:
  7. Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. I thought this would get lost in the flow of other more recent posts. I hope you agree that having the ability to fine tune Swatch Global Colors after their initial creation is valuable functionality. We can do this with pretty much all other objects. Why not Swatch Global Colors?
  8. I found that if I select a red word with a specific RGB combination, right click and add to Swatches from fill, then find that swatch, it finds all the instances and lets me replace the color. This is pretty ridiculous since selecting the swatch simply places the same HSL code I previously entered manually but find only works when selected using the swatch.
  9. I'm very glad to hear that Walt. I was expecting it to work for you.
  10. I created a completely new letter sized doc, threw some lorem ipsum text in with two colors and tried the search as shown in the Find and Replace panel below. troubleshoot Affinity Publisher find and replace text color.afpub
  11. firstdefence: all of the text within the text box uses the "body style" but portions of the text are different colors. walt: that is the exact process I have tried many times. it finds words without a problem but not specific RGB number codes. It did find instances once yesterday but I haven't been able to get it working since.
  12. How can I find and replace font color across many Frame Text boxes in a document? I've tried Find and Replace using the RGB numbers in character fill but it doesn't find anything.
  13. I am explicitly protecting my original works. Serif should simply port code they already have in PagePlus into Publisher. There is no fair use argument for content secured behind a paywall or password protection.
  14. Right.... and breaking into a bank is not illegal, only if you take the money with you... and breaking into a car is not illegal, only if you drive away with it... and breaking into someone's house is not illegal, only if you take take a TV with you... Except, wrong. That's why they call it "breaking and entering." Everything on a website is automatically copy protected. Erecting a pay wall, or pdf security, is another level of copy protection explicitly stating that the content is not to be copied for any reason.
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