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  1. Well it’s a couple of years later… I’m shying away from using Designer on my 10.7 inch iPad because not only are the icons and other UI difficult to see, I make repeated errors with pencil or finger when using the app. Please please consider a way to scale the UI/icons/text on iPad!! thank you!
  2. Yes! Please consider a way scale the interface/icons/text to some extent, as Illustrator on the desktop does.
  3. Hello amazing people! Adobe does this, in Illustrator desktop… I’m getting older, and working on a smaller iPad… it would be truly great if Affinity would consider a way to do this and enlarge the UI/icons/interface, to some extent. I find it’s difficult to see, but also repeatedly missing when selecting certain UI functions. Is this a possibility on iPad??
  4. Actually many of us do want user selectable UI and tool icon sizes as in the current Adobe Illustrator. Currently too small on 9.7 iPad and 5k iMac.
  5. Please consider implementing user-variable UI/font/icon size on both iOS and Mac similar to Adobe illustrator.
  6. Please consider a user-selectable UI size similar to the one currently used in Adobe Illustrator. I need larger UI on both Ipad and Mac. Thanks!
  7. Love Affinity (especially on iPad) - but REALLY would like to see a ruler/ curve/ mask tool to allow drawing a hard edge!!! thanks
  8. The experiments I’ve tried with creating a workflow from Designer on iPad to Illustrator haven’t worked out well so far. Any path with a brush other than the standard pen will import into Illustrator as a filled path approximating the brush (not the original stroke) and in depending on the brush used may come into Illustrator rasterized on that layer. Designer does a fine job exporting a file that will read into Illustrator, depending on your settings will rasterize unsupported features. It seems at present certain things like brushes, variable stroke widths and clipping masks are handled in a way that is proprietary to each program, so for me finding a workflow between the two programs has been elusive. Mark
  9. Reading this thread made me think how useful screen recording would be as a VJ animation tool. I’d love to save smooth vector drawing out to ultra high def... Mark
  10. P.s. - I’d also really like if it were possible to use a group as a clipping path, without having to combine all of the vectors within to do so...if that’s possible.
  11. Greetings, I’ve been doing searches on the forums for a few days now - I’m new to Affinity Designer on Ipad (loving it!) but having trouble following the various ways in which objects and layers can be clipped and masked. My questions are strictly about vector masks and doing this in the vector persona. At various stages I’m finding several different procedures and outcomes depending on the object, group, layer or hierarchy. I’m familiar with dragging an object to be a mask onto the target layer, and familiar with pasting an object or group inside a curve or path. But I’m getting confused by getting different results in my trials and seeing at different times, a mask icon with a circle, a crop icon next to a path, a suitcase icon that gives a different result, and an empty mask layer which gives yet a different result. In addition to the forum searches, I’ve looked at the tutorial videos and the help files, and have not yet found information that specifically goes over each of these icons and states, and I’m getting lost. Is there a video or something on line that walks you through all of these, and how they differ? Any links or pointers would be helpful. Thanks! Mark
  12. If I bought Designer for Mac would it be any easier - or would it be the same, opening individual SVG files and adding the assets manually? Appreciate you posting this in the Suggestions topics! Mark
  13. I've done a few searches and am not finding much information regarding this - can someone say if it's currently possible to somehow import multiple SVG files as assets, rather than having to manually open each file and add them as assets? I'm trying to figure out a workflow from Illustrator on the mac to Designer on Ipad. Thanks, Mark
  14. Thanks for the reply here - I have only recently found and installed the brushes. I can’t say why the few I tried were causing a crash - it may have been the file I was working in since it’s all fine now in other documents. I’ll keep exploring and post back if there are issues. It’s fascinating to see how they are created using a combination of vectors and bitmaps. Thanks for making them available to us!! (fyi My Ipad is currently running the latest iOS 12 public beta, and that could have something to do with it.) Mark
  15. Thanks for sharing all of the amazing brushes!! I’m trying to use the vector brushes on Designer Ipad, and experimenting, but they appear to crash the app. Are you aware of this? Thanks, Mark
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