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  1. @Gabe Well I'm sorry I have to disagree, but that's like mapping the "a" key to a shortcut that inputs the letter "a". It's not the same as CMD+V, It is basic text input. I repeat: It is now OK. it works without flashing. If I reload the defaults. Before reloading there was a keyboard mapping, now it isn't. And it works, but doesn't flash. What I was wondering: I looked it up in the releave versions of the other apps, Photo and Designer, and there is still a keyboard shortcut mapped, which should be superflous. (Maybe a leftover=) It's no program error, just t
  2. Issue #3 is not fixed for me. Is there a newer beta than .651? It's not posted in patrick connor's thread. edit: I manually reset the keyboard shortcuts to "affinity defaults" and the "delete"-shortcut is gone. Backspace now works for me.
  3. @Dan C Any update or feedback on this yet? one example, A photo with 5000 by 4500 pixels opens like this in AffPhoto: (in Photoshop, there used to be a setting whether the doc-window should grow when zooming in, if you held a key... this was convenient)
  4. Hi, I was just experimenting with Designer/iPad with the Apple Pencil2 to reuse it in my Designer/Desktop logo design. I just realised the so-called "vector"-brush is no real vector brush! I'm in the transition from my old creative suite to the affinity apps, and I must say I'm very surprised, that many features are still only raster-based. ...like these brushes or the live-perspective filter. Or some shadow-effects, which are unnecessarily rasterising unaffected parts of vector elements, if exported to pdf.
  5. Until now I mostly did my work on the affinity desktop apps, but I recently bought an apple pencil 2 so now I try to make the best use of my iPad version of Designer. What really annoys me is that every time I go to the document overview (top left arrow) and return back into my working doc: the red underlining of the spellchecker is enabled (who needs spellchecks of his illustration _by default_?) and the visibility of things around the canvas is cut off (is this not saved within the document?) ...there may be other settings I will have to set straight everytime I reopen i
  6. As I understand, IDML is a documented standard (not sure if there are any licensing issues, tho). The official documentation is downloadable at adobe: https://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/devnet/indesign/sdk/cs6/idml/idml-specification.pdf It is pretty straight forward XML, and thus easy to read plain-text. I'm not a programmer, but I understand the basic structure and could tweak a doc in my texteditor... So the main difficulty for 3rd party developers like Affinity lies in the function set of their programs. Everytime adobe implements a new feature which affinity
  7. Hello, Diavel222! As someone who never really got into doing webdesign in a program meant for imageprocessing (aka Photoshop) and primarily used Illustrator (with major pixel quality problems), I would recommend Designer for these tasks. Of course this has much to do, how "modern" webdesign today looks like, as in the 2000s everything needed to be "pixel-perfect" but now it must be scaleable (aka all vectorshapes, svg). The advantage of the Affinity file format is that you can reopen any .afdesign in Publisher or Photo and do specific tasks there. I sometimes use Publisher to "l
  8. shift-tab works for me. That means reverse but in the same _wrong_ order that tab works (latest beta)
  9. Wow, weird...typing or deleting Text is basic text editing and should not have to go through a menu-item. Sounds like an awkward hack. I primarily use separated mode and I can recreate all these bugs on my machine. Although I never minimise document-windows, only Finder-windows. edit: Just now AfPub even crashed, as I was messing around with these text decorations, like in your video. โ€“ I think it was on the seventh time I changed the stroke slider...
  10. I repost this Issue, as it was requested by @Patrick Connor as it has not been adressed yet: I'm not sure if much Indesign-users are aware, that when placing a PSD or an AI, you can disable/hide layers (I use it mostly for white coloured logos with transparency). So with my many documents I hope to bring over to affinity, I have the issue, that these disabled backgrounds creep back in my .afpub file. This requires some extra-steps to either open it in AI and deleting the background and saving it, or convert the .ai to .afdesign (basically I'd be fine with that in the long r
  11. It is always good to remember what oneself can do to improve the situation. I appreciate your helpful tip (I have to admit, most of the time I'm too lazy to create templates) The thing is, one has to consider in which work environment you are operating: I have accumulated around 100 clients, of which, say, 3 to 5 have active projects that I am working on in this week. (projects=multiple documents of the same corporate design โ€“ print and screen/web) these projects take 1 week to 1 month, and then the client is happy for the rest of the year. Maybe one quick mini-job in-betwee
  12. ...even better if the automatically created colours would also be linked with the objects the colours were derived from. As it is standard behaviour in Ai since I can think of...
  13. I'm afraid to tell you but, this has never worked. I'm testing it with every new beta version since like forever... It bugs me because all the affinity apps are really good to work with, but there are some showstopping gaps (esp. with cmyk colours and print ready pdfs) you can only scratch your head why it is not considered important. ๐Ÿคจ
  14. I tried it but could not reproduce. In the video I see you are using your own "system-palettes" (with the small apple-icon) I also have one saved and rearranging does not crash my Publisher. What is this overlay I see in your video on the left side in the middle? It is displayed while dragging. Is this some system plugin or only from the video recording app? edit: I'm on Mojave. What is your system? There are some issues with catalina and 1.8release..
  15. I tried it with exactly the same shapes (although I'm not sure if I had the same Z-axis hierarchy...) I can't reproduce it... for me it works. I'm on Mojave, fwiw. edit: It only shows, if you use a circle (mine had an ellipse) So now I CAN reproduce it.
  16. Like @markw I can confirm, your Text isnt rasterized as I first thought, it is being converted to curves. Hmn. Maybe a Font issue โ€“ but it happens to different fonts on your side... So maybe indeed an special issue with Catalina...
  17. I used your document and had no issues: test for selectable text1.pdf Sorry, my screenshot is in german. But it reads "only rasterise unsupported features" Do you have a screenshot of your settings? Maybe Your default ones are corrupted...
  18. Which export options did you choose? Especially the setting "rasterise" should not be set to "everything" if you want text to be selectable.
  19. There is a known bug in the default settings. You have to re-set the value of "undo"-steps. But I guess the 1.8.1 update should already be live by now.
  20. Maybe this has to do with this "undo-bug". Just wondering. Have you already fixed your "zero undo steps"-settings in the performance tab of preferences which was introduced in 1.8.0.
  21. Thanks, ctrl-start did the trick. Now, we only need the missing feature to save the panel positions (aka "workspaces") so I don't have to arrange these billion panels again on my second monitor... (it's as if you come into your office monday morning and realize that friday afternoon the cleaning person swiped your desk and made one heap of stuff with your meticulously organised documents...) ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  22. This has happened early in the 1.8 beta and had already been fixed. Now, again, the preflight panel is missing. Serious question to Affinity staff: Does anybody of you use separated mode at all? (It always seems like you don't care that much...) Anyways, thank you for this otherwise awesome new release!
  23. Are you sure, you didn't acccidently include bleed?
  24. I'm not a fan of the current preferences panel, but I think the search field in the titlebar is OK for titles and checkboxes in the preferences. But there is also a need to quickly find a menu item for which you want to define a shortcut. I would not recommend combining them as the functionality is rather different. Hmn... Maybe add a free-text "filter" beneath the shortcut categories? there is plenty room...
  25. I can confirm, the macos version does NOT support drag-n-drop. (batch and pano) Would be cool If they add native drop targets. (Beta 1.8.163)
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