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  1. 6 hours ago, Pšenda said:

    So you have to request it as significant improvement (in the suggestions section). For me, selecting the Move tool before doing the transformation is a natural and logical step, so I have no problem with it at all.

    P.S. As is often the case - Help would need to be supplemented, because the current description of Power duplicate does not mention the need for the Move/Transformation tool in any way, and it can be quite confusing for many users.

    Yep, color me confused, I assure you that happens often!  I followed the instructions in the Help and it didn't work.  I'll accept this as a deficiency in the Help file, but I'd prefer it worked as stated:
    Activate Move tool (it's actually more logical to me to click on Move here), transform in any way possible (drag, transform panel, etc.)
    Duplicate as required

  2. For Windows, there is Users > username > AppData > Roaming > Affinity > Photo > 1.0 > Workspaces > Photo > Shortcuts.xml

    I created a new shortcut for Open Folder in Explorer (Ctrl-Shift-Alt-X) and found this stanza was added to that file:

    <Item type="Command" command="Serif.Affinity.Commands.OpenFolderInExplorerCommand, Serif.Affinity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" key="X" modifierKeys="Alt, Control, Shift" />

    It's left as an exercise for the user to extract that into a more user friendly format.


  3. I am attaching an afphoto document showing the two methods of applying the Sharpen Brush.  There are three layers, first the original and then:

    1. Using the Photoshop method: Button down, drag back and forth 10 times, button up.  Even at 100% I see little, if any change.
    2. Using what is apparently the Photo method: Button down, drag, button up (repeat 10 times).  The effect is pronounced at 2-3 repetitions, waaaay overdone at 10.

    I don't use this method for sharpening (I think other methods are better) but Down-Drag-Up seems to be the Affinity designed way for the Sharpen Brush to work.


  4. 4 hours ago, jimh12345 said:

    I used to be a developer and we never liked having to add code to support old standards - that's not the best use of our time,  and it can be tough to get right.   But I'm pretty sure AP will hear from other photographers with  "legacy" IPTC.     If there were only some migration tool that would rewrite IPTC in the new format.   Are any of the big image-editing programs scriptable - or able to read some command-line parameters for "load" and "save"?   If so I could - with care - update all my files.  

    Do you "speak" php?  There are built-in functions to read and write IPTC data, although it's not clear which format(s) it requires.  An example of iptcparse() in action:


  5. I occasionally use the Blur brush.  As shown above, it works, though the effect is subtle.  I always sharpen with the Live Filter layer, so this is my first attempt at the Sharpen brush and I can't get it to work either. I am attaching screenshots of

    1. The full image I'm using
    2. Image zoomed, no sharpening
    3. The image after vigorous use of the Sharpen brush in Clarity mode. Opacity/Flow/Hardness are always 100%.
    4. The image after the Sharpen brush in Unsharp mode.
    5. To prove I'm not crazy, the image with a High Pass Live Filter applied.

    I can see no difference between the original and either of the results with the Sharpen brush tool.






  6. On 2/24/2022 at 6:11 PM, cutout3 said:

    I open the image in afphoto. From there I usually save it in either JEPG or PNG (depending), and then if I want it save to afpho, "Save As" to afphoto.


    So you

    1. Open using the menu File -> Open...  Not "Open With" from Explorer or by dragging into the AP window.
    2. You create a JPG or PNG file using File -> Export...
    3. Then save the afpho file with File -> Save As...
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