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  1. in Affinity Designer, how do you save your personal shortcuts and preferences to files for safe keeping?
  2. i know it doesn't sound plausible, but the discounts can be that steep. check back a few times, the price should go down.
  3. i have, but i'm more impressed with the tutorials from udemy.com. especially the designer tutorials by jeremy hazel. they really cover everything very well. BUT - don't ever pay full price. if they cost more than $11-$15, wait a couple of days and check back. they have sales all the time. the affinity revolution tutorials are way more expensive, and, as i have said, i don't think they are as good. simon foster also does good designer tutorials.
  4. YES, to G13RL. that is what i had seen and was looking for......thanks for proving i didn't have a hallucination.
  5. i don't think that was what i think i saw, BUT it does do the trick. thanks !
  6. i thought that while going through a udemy.com tutorial for Designer, that there was something to click on to get multiple curves on a single layer. i'm not talking about selecting all the curves and then doing an add function. and i'm not talking about grouping the curves. maybe i hallucinated this......maybe i'll just have to go through the entire tutorial and hunt for this, but i'm pretty sure i saw it. what ideas do you have for accomplishing this?
  7. "Also, this works whether or not the "Add New Curve To Selected Curves Object" option (the button with the two overlapping circles in the context toolbar) is enabled." that's the button that i couldn't find! both of your replies make sense to me, and i thank you very much!
  8. i know that it's possible to continue a curve so that the two pieces then act as one. i just can't remember how to do it. what is it called and what do i click on to get it?
  9. The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer by Jeremy Hazel from Udemy.com is another great course. Are Simon's courses for Designer or Photo?
  10. in the paragraph tab, click on justification and set your word spacing (kerning) and letter spacing (tracking). are you in left justify or justify all (otherwise called right/left justify)? i'm not an expert, but i used to set type and this sounds reasonable.
  11. i had the same thing happen. i just opened and closed Photo and then went to Publisher and the links worked.
  12. how is text warping accessed in Photopea?
  13. udemy.com has hundreds of tutorials, and a whole bunch on Affinity Designer and Photo. they are usually $10-$20; don't pay any more than that, just wait a few days and they will have some kind of sale.
  14. There is now a printed workbook for Affinity Photo. Check the website for details.
  15. Affinity Photo has this feature, but AD does not at this time. Maybe in a future update.
  16. thanks, guys. i guess i'm just going to have to poke around these sites and experiment until i find what i need. of course, i can always ask a question here!!!!!
  17. if i want to learn a new technique, such as making a dashed line or using tabs in a paragraph, and the online help doesn't offer anything and neither does the workbook, where is there i can go to get the instructions? is there a resource for looking up details of tools and operations?
  18. i would like the ability to change the margin colors the way you can change the grid line colors.
  19. there's another thing that has happened to me several times; the program has locked up. i can't do anything. sometimes i get a message that says the program is not responding. a couple of times it has unlocked itself, and a couple of times i have had to go to the task manager to end the process. i'm now going to try reinstalling the program and see if that stops the problem from happening again. other than that, i love Designer, and am having a ball learning all about it. thank goodness for this forum!!!
  20. so my pen tool in Designer started doing very weird things. i couldn't just use the tool to go from point to point (i know i will not be able to give a good description; it was just acting haywire.) i tried using the different modes and it didn't help. i ended up opening up Designer to the factory defaults and now the pen is fine. but, i lost some of the brushes i had imported (i did note them before i reinstalled; figured i would lose them.) my question is: is there any way to reset just the pen tool if, and when, it starts acting haywire again. have you ever had the pen tool do anything like this? yes, i'm the person who messed up my studio not too long ago; fixed it by resetting it. i have no idea how i do these things. maybe sometimes i just get too enthusiastic.
  21. i've tried putting in pms numbers and names and nothing happens. is it supposed to bring up a swatch of that color? can you explain more? thanks for your time!
  22. What is the search feature for at the bottom of the swatches panel? What can you search for?
  23. thank you, she sighs with relief! i don't know how i did it, either!
  24. in my Designer Studio panel, the brushes have taken over the whole panel. the layers/effects/etc. and transform/navigate/etc. do not snap into place. the brushes menu shows up behind them. how can i fix this? i cannot grab the bottom of the brushes menu and pull it up. i'm sure there's a way to reset the studio panel; i'm just too flustered right now to find it. thanks for helping; i'm rather new at this.
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