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  1. Thanks for the inspirational post, Granddaddy - I was amazed at how successful my first foray into panorama stitching yesterday was. I had two images, one of the top three quarters in portrait format, and one landscape scan of the remaining part albeit with a fair amount of overlap and to my surprise, Affinity still managed to do a perfect stitch job despite having landscape and portrait sections!
  2. Question from a complete Affinity Photo newbie: I've scanned a large B&W photo on my scanner as two TIF files, one for the top, and another for the bottom. What's the best approach to stitching them together into a single image? Create a new Panorama? thanks!
  3. Thanks Hubert, acapstick's list is just what I'm looking for! And thanks also to ydaltak, I'll be taking a look at udemy's courses as well - they look good value at the moment.
  4. As a newcomer to Affinity Photo I'd love to have a course to follow. A bit like the excellent Photoshop courses at Lynda. There are an amazing 223 videos on Vimeo but they seem to be in alphabetical order and it's impossible for newbies to know how to sequence them into a course. So here's my question: Could Affinity, Serif, or some more knowledgeable user kindly put together a list of links to a dozen or so videos that form some sort of progressive course that build on each other to teach the basics? My interest is primarily photo restoration at this point. thanks in advance!
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