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  1. But A-Photo rasterizes...thats the problem. It baffles me that A-Designer does not have this feature. It's virtually useless for most Type Solution Designing. Thanks for your comments.
  2. I am trying to warp or manually curve a type design. I am baffled that a vector design program doesn't have this feature...it's a critical tool for any vector design. Type on path is NOT what I want because that tool does not address the bending perspective that warp creates. (see homemade type solution) any suggestions or advice?
  3. WOW...coming from photoshop, I knew I was overcomplicating it. AP never stops amazing me! Thanks so much for your help!! - M
  4. In photoshop, you can take a photo image and apply it into a layer mask, then adjust it to create the desired tshirt graphic worn texture look. (see images) Can this be done in Affinity Photo? I have been playing around with the masks and haven't yet figured it out. Thanks for the help.
  5. Yes, that actually works now...Thanks. I will use that version until there is an update for the other?
  6. Were you able to find anything wrong with it? :( Maybe uninstall and re-install?
  7. It is 1.5.1 I did just update to iOS Sierra. Not sure if that did something.
  8. Thanks....here is my file. I have tried several files, and all crash the program. MDF 2016 Storytelling Investment.afdesign
  9. Hey C, Thanks for responding. This however did not help my problem. I cleared all, but still crashes.
  10. I recently updated my ios to sierra 10.12.1 and now I can't open any native Designer files...the system crashes on open. Anyone else having this problem?
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