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  1. What about these "glow-brushes". Can these create the same "type of reflective glow off of skin, that an artist can get in sketchbook pro"?
  2. I was wondering if there is a autodesk sketchbook pro like Glow-Brush or glow brush/glow effect available for Affinity Designer? I would love to not have to jump between apps, for at least this reason. I need sketchbook pro like glow brushes in Affinity Designer, because the "outer glow" option under the "Effects" tab in Affinity Designer doesn't create the same type of reflective glow off of skin, that an artist can get in sketchbook pro with the glow-brush & glow effect tab. If there are glow brushes of the same or better quality, I need to know. Thank you so much.
  3. Thank you both for the quick replies! =) ydaltak called it. Publisher is syncing now. LOL
  4. I have purchased & updated my Affinity Photo application (this is all on my windows laptop), & yet still Affinity Publisher can't seem to connect to it. Any thoughts or suggestions as the problem & solution?
  5. Does anyone know the steps as to combining normal maps in Affinity Photo? Or combining normal maps with other maps, like bump maps? The image below shows a person combining normal maps using layer adjustments in Photoshop. The layer adjustment menu in Photoshop is different from the black & white layer adjustment in Affinity Photo. Thanks a million. Wait so there are no input & output layer adjustment editing in Affinity? 3=(
  6. Thanks so much! I appreciate it Lee D! But, also is there a way, that once I have "placed" the image into my project, I don't have to resize it? I'm sorry if, I'm asking to many questions..... 3=(
  7. In Affinity designer and/or photo is there a way to import normal, diffuse, bump, & displacement maps into different layers, like one could do into Photoshop? The maps being pngs, tiffs etc. How can I import different pictures & images in general as different layers in the same project? Thank you so much, for anyone who can accurately answer my question. 3=)
  8. Hi! I really want to get Affinity Photo & Designer but I think I only have 2 maybe 3 years left for my current laptop computer (she is great but she is old). Do the programs, when purchased, come with a backup discs mailed to your home, or would I have to buy the programs all over again if I switched to a new computer? Thank you for your time. 3=)
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