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  1. i changed the permissions. Try again and see if it works?
  2. Ok you can make your own spot colors. I followed this tutorial I then copied the CMYK color numbers from Corel Renamed the swatches exact as they are in rolands pallete RDG_WHITE for example. Exported the pallet. I added the CutContour to the pallet now You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fFsLtJiml7x9zQLe6EQ6VfTfC5mzCp3D I dont have a cutter or a printer with metallic ink so I cant confirm that they work. Can you confirm?
  3. i have the same problem. I was so confused. I havent figured out how to use the brush with strokes like your picture yet. I was able to use the pencil tool to achieve the same strokes though. Try the pencil tool. Adjust the pressure curve to look like an upside down U. 3pt stroke. No fill. No controller settings. (no pressure or velocity).
  4. Im still struggling to illustrate with AD for ipad. I was able to use the pencil instead of the brush to create line work. Let me know if you find any other methods or options?
  5. Hey everybody, I wanted to put this file out there for anybody that wanted the RDG White and RDG Clear spot color pallette for Versaworks. I searched all over and couldnt find any help so I was able to create a pallette myself. So if youve been wanting to switch to AD and still use spot colors in Versaworks. Heres the file for you. Roland Color System Library (spots).afpalette
  6. Thanks Gabe. How can i get object A to align with object B without object B moving? Id like object b to remain in place.
  7. Hello! Im primarily use coreldraw. I can align object to last selected item with one keystroke. Can i create a shortcut to align an object to another object? The second object is the key object and cannot be moved. I know I can click the alignment button on the top menu and click "align to last selected but id like a make a keyboard shortcut of that. Is that possible?
  8. ya i dont mind choosing a fill color first. Will the shape fill with the predetermined color when I close a line segment? In corel and illustrator I can draw a shape and then it fills with color. In AD for ipad, i when I use the pencil tool the shape fills with color as I draw. (if the "use fill" option is clicked)
  9. Ok that does help gdenby One more question about the pencil tool. With no stroke or fill selected, when i draw, theres no path line. I want to create a freehand shape then fill in. Any way to do this? Thanks for the detailed help on the last questions
  10. i second this. Detailed videos or descriptions of the tools would be awesome. Im also having a hard time with the pencil and brush tools
  11. Hello! Im having a hard time with some things. 1. Can I turn off the nodes when using the pencil? Id like to draw and they are distracting. 2. Why does the pencil setting reset when i start a new document? Can I save a custom pencil? 3. How can i draw a shape with the vector brush tool without a stroke? Every time i draw with the vector brush tool, theres always a stroke When I complete a closed shape with the vector brush, can I get the shape to auto fill in? The pencil tool is the same way. Both wont fill on closed path.
  12. Ok I guess i misunderstood the difference between the brush and the pencil tool. I was trying to use the brush tool to do line work. I am able to use the pencil tool to achieve the tapered effect I was looking for. Callum, im not able to adjust the pressure handles in the vector brush tool. I can in the pencil tool. Is this correct?
  13. I think you can only select web when creating a new document. I wasnt able to find a way to change after.
  14. I also used the export, share save image option without any trouble. ipad pro with 11.0.3 firmware
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