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  1. Yes that’s what I ended up doing R C-R. Not intuitive enough for what I want, but did let me at least do a little bit. Ah well, can’t win them all, it’s an awesome app! thanks
  2. Just to clarify, what I want to end up with is new whales that can individually be edited or moved in vector. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I’m testing things out in designer on the iPad, trying things I do in other apps. One thing has me stumped, I might be blind, but I hope you can help. What I’m trying to do is to draw a solid shape with stroke & fill, then I want to use an Eraser to draw Freeform lines through this shape creating new shapes. But I can’t find an eraser! I saw a tutorial where the eraser creates a mask on a vector layer but that’s not what I want to do. Was that in IPad Aff. Photo perhaps? thanks in advance!
  4. If they just wouldn't send emails.... I'm sure I'd kick the habit!!
  5. I understand your pain Alfred, being a Font junkie myself.... ROTFL
  6. Aaaahhhh!!!!! Oh Mike, you Legend! I knew I was missing something! Thank you so much for your patience and going the extra mile! All set now. Going through the tutorials every day when I have a bit of time, so I might get up to speed soon:) A Merry Ho Ho Ho, to you too! Cheers from Oz.
  7. It's a font called Anthem, purchased through Creative Market Mike. The flourished characters, why I bought the font in the first place, don't show up at all. Not in PopChar either. It might be that they are not coded as a font should be.... Take a look if you have a minute: https://creativemarket.com/graptail/441937-Anthem-Script This was going to be my Christmas look this year:)
  8. The glyphs I want are flourishes etc. not standard type glyphs and they are the ones that don't show. The 'normal' ones show up in PopChar, not the swooshes I'm after. Found an old copy of illustrator, ended up installing that for now. Another thing I couldn't find was the space equal horizontal & vertical, is that in the program somewhere? It doesn't show in the toolbar. I must say the things Designer does do, the raster 'persona' in particular makes it worth having!
  9. Oh bummer! Yes I tried PopChar but it doesn't see all the glyphs I see in my Fontbook, and yes, on a Mac... Thanks for replying anyway Paolo!
  10. Hi guys, Just got Designer, trying to find my way around. I purchased an OTF from Creative Market, I got it because of the glyphs that came with it. But I can't find a glyphs panel or options in Designer. Hope you can help and steer me in the right direction! Cheers, Maggie
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