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  1. New low price $5.00. Affinityexp.com
  2. If you are brand new to Affinity Designer for iPad and want a tutorial manual to cover the app from beginning to end, then check out my new book at http://www.affinityexp.com. This book describes all the tools and studios along with examples for you to follow along with. Special pricing now in effect. Take a look at a sample chapter. Introductory price of $7.99. Let me know what you think.
  3. I see for the PC version of designer there is a way to create a pallette from an imported image. There is no create ability in the iPad version only add pallette which does not create a pallette from the imported image. Am I missing something?
  4. I do love the Boolean tool. Here is my issue. take a simple rectangle, make it red, and a circle make it blue and combine them together using the Boolean add. Once they are added together they both become red. I want them to retain their colors. Is this possible?
  5. I see in the Windows Version of Designer after I create a new document I am able to change from Web to Device as an example under the Document Setup tab. For Designer iPad, where is this feature, after a document has been created?
  6. I have two photos. One has one subject in it I want to select and copy to another image. I actually performed this while experimenting. I first selected the subject and exported him out to a new jpeg. I then added that jpeg to my new background photo. Within layers I was able to drag the subject jpeg onto the new background and the program automatically merged the two together. No matter what I have tried since then, I have not been able to duplicate the process. Please provide steps I should take for this process. I have included the photo I happened to magically put together.

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