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iPad designer swatches pallette

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 I see for the PC version of designer there is a way to create a pallette from an imported image.  There is no create ability in the iPad version only add pallette which does not create a pallette from the imported image. Am I missing something?



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If you add a palette you can select colours and save them to that palette. No auto function to create a palette and so far, no option to import a palette. (Hopefully on the way).


To  s a v e  a c  o l o u r o r  g r a d i e n t  t o  a  p a l e t t e :

1. Choose the colour from the HSL wheel or equivalent.

2. Open the Swatches section, and select a palette from the category list.

3. From the Studio Preferences, select Add current fill to palette.

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design

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