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  1. Done! Here's hoping a solution is at hand.
  2. I wish it was that simple. I don’t download iOS apps to my PC. I’m not even sure I could. I checked over and over to be sure I’d downloaded the Windows files, because that would be a brilliantly easy fix.
  3. Just tried the 1.7 beta release of Designer. No joy.
  4. UPDATE: SOLVED! I looked over the log files myself (I was only dimly aware of them as a useful thing before yesterday evening). I found an error message within. "...OpenWithProgids Verify that you have sufficient access to that key" It turned out I didn't, so I fixed that, and have successfully installed both Designer and Photo. Not only can I now work with the lovely Affinity toys, I can troubleshoot, too. Cheers! Hi, I've been trying off and on to install Designer (and Photo) to my Windows 10 computer, with no luck. I've read the forums and applied these successful-for-others fixes so far: Clean boot Create admin account to try install. Nope. Runtime Update (did that) Making sure I'm running 64 bit Windows: Yes, I am. Make sure of .NET version. Yes. Ran troubleshooter, checked compatibility settings, tried running in various compatibility modes, all failed. The troubleshooter said that Affinity Designer is incompatible. I have DirectX 12, and Windows 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, Intel CORE i7, 160 GB free of disk space on a Cintiq Companion 2. Help! I LOVE Designer on the ipad Pro, I want to use it and Photo on my PC!
  5. +1 Please add import palette for the iPad! I’ve spent hours trying to get through a tutorial because AD iPad can’t do this!