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  1. mark-h and Alanmc, I absolutely agree. For a couple of weeks now I am checking out other options than Indesign, I was waiting for Publisher and now I feel it will be too late for me when the feature comes, I do need something in the very near future for some projects. Affinity already answered on Twitter they'd be having this feature on the list but, well, it will certainly take time ...
  2. Hi, is there any chance you announce a future roadmap for the development of Publisher? Would help to see what you have in mind besides our recommendations.
  3. Hi guys, it should be possible to open Indesign files, at least .idml would be reccommended. Otherwise there is no reason for Indesign users like me to switch.
  4. Ok, thank you guys for all the infos. I do agree with owenr though, one the possibilities already existing out there implemented in Designer would be fine. But I will test all the other possibilities named above, great, THX!
  5. I'm on a Mac... and would love to escape the Adobe Cloud (which offers desktop + mobile possibilities for tracing), that is why I am asking.
  6. Hi, I am currently on the test version for Designer. I cannot find the auto-tracing option. Is there any? If not, would be a pity, no purchase for me without it.
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