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  1. The rotation gesture works for me in apps like Preview so I would think it is turned on under Mac OS settings. The rotation in preview doesn't work exactly the way I wanted it to. I was hoping it would rotate more like Photoshop where I could pick any angle I want rather then just 45º increments. That is more important to me then gesture support. If any developers are reading this please add that!

  2. I saw this under help for the latest beta:


    "Using a trackpad device allows you to intuitively rotate the canvas using gestures."

    Nothing happens when I try the traditional rotation gesture (thumb and pointer finger then rotate.) I would really like to rotate in more then just 45º increments so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what I might be doing wrong.

  3. I just tried Pixelmator on one of those machines in an Apple store I was surprised to find it actually preformed ok so it made me wonder how well Affinity would do. I am sure it would have to be one of the only apps running to work given that it only has 8gb ram and 1.2Mhz dual core processor. I thought that I might be able to do some light work on one of these machines along with word processing, email, etc.

  4. MEB, Currently when you drop a middle swatch onto an end swatch it replaces that swatch color. Right now there are two ways to delete a swatch, the way I just mentioned and hitting the delete key. Do we need both ways to delete a swatch? If we can replace a color on the gradient without a modifier key couldn't the swatch swap function replace the delete swap since delete can already be accomplished with the delete key? Maybe I am missing something from what you and Matt are saying.

  5. Paolo - I still wouldn't see any problem with the swap feature even with swatches that are as tightly grouped as you have in your example. If anything the most difficult part of working with that gradient might be just trying to select one of those swatches! But once you have it selected you could still drag the light grey over the dark grey and they would swap. No amount of close proximity should prevent this feature from happening in the same way that having many icons in the OS X dock would make swapping icon position more difficult. There doesn't need to be shortcut combinations to do a swap in the same way that you currently don't need a shortcut when you drag a color swatch onto the end of a gradient to replace it's color.

  6. Matt, I think we can reach a common ground between what both of us our saying. If I could drag the middle swatch in the gradient down to the end so it "bumped" the end swatch in the gradient down a way from the end a little (so the two swatches swapped places) I would be fine with that solution. This way there would always be a swatch at the end of the gradient and yet it would be vastly easier to perform the color location swap.


    For an example of what I mean by swatch swapping think about how dragging an icon over other dock icons causes them to shift to the side as they are passed over. I could see something exactly like that used with the swatches. This seems like it would be a solution that actually works better then Graphic since it gives you the best of both worlds.

  7. MEB  - What I would like for it to do is make it easy to move the purple to the end of the gradient (I am going off of the example video.) Yes, I could click on the blue and change it to purple but I want to keep the blue in the gradient. Try doing this operation in Graphic (switch the blue and purple) and then try doing the same thing in Affinity. With Graphic there really is nothing to it; you move the blue away from the end which frees up space where you can drop a copy or move the blue.


    Matt - This problem effects both gradient tools if I remember correctly.

  8. Affinity on the Pro looks like it would be a lot better then on the 10" iPad. The screen is so small on that iPad that the side panels annoyingly keep closing whenever you start to draw. It is unfortunate that some of the iPhone features didn't make it over though. It seems like the way you can hold down on a button and get a drop down menu would be useful on the iPad Pro as well.

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