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  1. Affinity on the Pro looks like it would be a lot better then on the 10" iPad. The screen is so small on that iPad that the side panels annoyingly keep closing whenever you start to draw. It is unfortunate that some of the iPhone features didn't make it over though. It seems like the way you can hold down on a button and get a drop down menu would be useful on the iPad Pro as well.

  2. My thoughts on the name changes so far. ProPublisher sounds good and isn’t too specific like press or print is (since I am sure there will be tools for ebooks, web, etc.)  Layout is also a broad enough term. I wouldn’t do “Page” since not only does Apple have a Pages app but so does Facebook. This means that a lot of people would have three apps named Pages on their devices.

    The publisher name reminds me a little bit of what they did with myspace a few years ago. They totally overhauled the site into a superior service but whenever someone says “myspace” we all think of that social network from 10 years ago that everyone stopped using.

  3. Thanks Matt and GRScott, It's good to know that the weight of the logo has also improved along with it being easier to understand what the images are. I no longer work in a company with other designers so having other designers critique my work really helps. I might test out some of the other typefaces I was looking at when first designed the logo a few years ago. I came across several whimsical mostly script like fonts that might work well with the redesign. I attached those to this post.


    This project was also my first (and last) attempt at trying to do hand drawn type. At the time I was looking at a lot of work by poster designer Jay Ryan who not only drew his posters illustrations but all the type on the posters! The character width and line spacing wasn't quite working on my hand drawn type logo so I had to abandon that idea. I think the women logo makes more sense since it's closer to what the title implies (a circle shape of friends) Still it was a fun experience and I now have huge respect for people who are able to pull off type design like that!



  4. Achim63, I think Affinity needs to agree on a standard image setting when moving between a navigation program and AP. In other words both programs should have a setting of 100 or 256 or whatever they decide it should be. To me it seems like Affinity should be able to exchange files with a raw navigation program since AP is a raw program itself. That is one advantage Affinity seems to have over PS. PS doesn't DIRECTLY open raw files. It can open it's files through a plugin but not in the actual program. Adobe is at a disadvantage in that PS came out way before raw so it couldn't be integrated into the program as fluidly as it should have been.

  5. A while ago I went to a portfolio show to get advice from some leading graphic designers in the area. When I showed one designer this logo that I did for a women’s group he said to me that at first didn’t realize that they were people due to their heads not being very visible in front of their arms. He also thought that the curves of the dress made it appear like they were rubber gloves.

    He suggested that I move the arms further apart so the head would be more visible and to straighten the dress out more. The image on the left is the redesign I did after listening to his advice. There many other type choices I have been experimenting with that I might try as well. I would love to hear what other people think!



  6. The main reason I brought up Photos here is that AP doesn't currently have much of a way to navigate photos so it needs to rely on another program in order for the workflow to function better. Unless Affinity adds some kind of built in photo browser (which might make sense) we will have to find some other program to do this.


    I don't think the iCloud pricing is bad I can fit my library on there for $4 a month with plenty of space left over for other types of files. As iOS devices get store that is larger then 128GB this offering could be very appealing to many users. The pricing is competitive with other cloud services. Also I should point out Apple doesn't make you back up all your photos to iCloud it's just an option so I don't understand why anyone would complain about pricing. Photos is a free app available on a free operating system.

  7. Ok so this is still a very 1.0 product if it doesn't have the "edit in" feature yet. I guessed that that might have been the issue.


    billtils, Photos is basically more of an iPhoto replacement then an Aperture replacement. I switched from iPhoto to LR a long time ago but with the new Photos it makes it difficult for me to decide where to land. Here is a quick pro and con list between the two just off the top of my head:


    1. I am intrigued by the Photos search box which works much better then the iPhoto search box and is a little bit like the Finders search box which has improved a lot recently.


    2. I like how Photos lets you easily view images by the time they were taken.


    3. It's tied in with iCloud as it should be. I have always believed that it is better for operating system manufactures to manage the cloud then to have 3rd party developers work with the cloud since I think that is a more natural fit.


    4. Adobe has no reason to make products like Affinity work well with their own products. This means that PS will always work better with LR then 3rd party products ever will. I believe that is the main reason that LR crushed Aperture. I know the reason I went with LR was for it's PS integration. Now with Photos I can see Apple actually working with third party products.


    5. I don't like how LR creates copies of a photo each time it gets sent to another app. Why can't I make an adjustment in one app and have that adjustment still be available to me when I move to the next app? In other words why can't I set the brightness to 12 in Apple Photos and still have that same 12 brightness setting at the same level when it moves over to the exported app? Why do all the settings all go back to zero with a copy that was created of the file? This doesn't seem like a very seamless experience to me.


    6. As I have heard the experience of LR on iOS is not terribly great yet.


    7. Photos will take advantage of Mac technology where LR and Adobe in general doesn't seem to want to put much effort into making their software work like Mac programs. I guess that is one reason I go against the majority of people who are wanting a Windows version of Affinity, after having to deal with Adobe ignoring Mac features I would like for a company to really spend all their time taking advantage of Mac features. That is one of the most appealing parts of Affinity to me.


    All that to say I am not exactly sure which product is better, it sort of depends what point of view you approach it from. Also as a new 1.0 product we haven't had a chance to see where Apple is headed with this product yet.

  8. I see if you have a stroke the image goes inside the stroke itself. With all the other graphics apps I have used it just clips the fill space inside the object area. That's interesting. My first impression is that this way of doing it is good and bad at the same time. In some ways I need to see the object I am drawing around which I can't do if there is a fill in the way. I guess this means that you have to draw the object and then remember to apply a fill before applying the clipping path. Maybe that is ok.

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