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  1. Oh I see, it looks like they are leveraging the "Symbols" functionality to get the Master Page to work. So if you want to localize a Master Page item on a Child Page, you basically have to temporarily disable Sync. Right? This seems like a workaround rather than a feature. But at least there is a workaround at this point.
  2. Well I re-requested it here: In case you guys want to jump on and +1 it into the light
  3. This is not what I mean. After you apply a Master to all pages, I would like the ability to selectively override those Master Page items on any page it's been applied to. For example, if I have a Page Number on the Master Page but I want to delete it on some pages to avoid a conflict with a graphic on those pages. Or another example, I have a Master Page set up to define elements in a product line that include 10 variations of a single item. I want to be able to override the Name and change it for each item, change colors, and swap out UPC codes. But overall keep the same basic
  4. Every item created on a Master Page should be able to be made local on the child page. InDesign handles this by CNTRL+SHIFT+CLICK and I use it in virtually every project. The lack of this feature makes Master Pages far less useful. Consider it requested! PS: I have purchased everything Serif offers in the Affinity line, really pulling for you guys! Publisher is the last step I need to quit the evil Adobe ecosystem. Thank you for all your efforts!
  5. I'd like the option of working in Picas as well. Inches are too annoying to calculate all the decimal places. Millimeters are better but hard to convert when working on documents based on inches for those of us producing in the US
  6. Thank you sir! I did send you a PM, but it wouldn't allow me to attach the files. Here they are AD_Fonts.zip
  7. Man, I just heard back and they said exactly what I was afraid of—the file is unacceptable. I'm curious what method you think they should be using, maybe I can try to encourage them in that direction.
  8. I am desperately trying to escape Adobe's stranglehold, and purchased Designer as an alternative to Illustrator. I create a lot of wine labels. The printer uses Illustrator for all its work, so the files I send need to be readable by Illustrator. I need to indicate where the the printers need to emboss, add silkscreen, foil, etc so I organize my AD file into layers. However when I export to PDF, and reopen the file in Illustrator, the entire structure is lost. I do see the layers preserved when I open the PDF in Acrobat however, so I find this confusing. Attached are screenshots
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