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  1. PhatMonkey

    Wrong Currency Shown

    Firefox and IE mate, yes trashed cache and all that. I think it is some auto detection used on the store that is getting it wrong. I even out of paranoia ran an IP check to ensure I am shown as being in the UK which was right lol... Cheers Ryan
  2. This new update prevents me from using Anthropics 'Smart Photo Editor' plugin which has worked fine in all previous versions, it causes Affinity Photo to hang and become non responsive. Cheers Ryan
  3. Hi there I am in the UK and Indian Rupee is shown as store currency for me lol, I am not using a VPN, I have also checked my PC is showing my location etc, any ideas? lol
  4. Thanks Carl, helpful tip, for now will keep DP installed to be lazy lol... Ryan
  5. Hi there, for example: SCALE Y this flattens the shadow, for example creating the effect that the shadow is on the ground, I know I could duplicate the image and create my own shadow, but that is extra work where a tool like in DP would come in handy, I have attached an image, the shadow is also highlighted so you can see the extra controls available in the menu bar above the image... Cheers Ryan
  6. I know this is not a clone of DrawPlus, but I cant deny the fact the shadow tool is very limited in 'Designer' and 'Photo' compared to DrawPlus and this is something I would really appreciate being worked on and implemented in the future. Cheers Ryan

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