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  1. Pockenfresse

    Navigator issues

    I am using one monitor at 1920x1080 res., No scaling.
  2. Sysinfo: Windows 10 Version 1903 (Build 18362.295), Affinity Designer: I found a strange behavior when using the navigator to scroll around in a huge project file with several artboards. It's not possible to navigate with the navigator properly. Size of each artboard: 6372 x 3624 Px. navigator.mp4
  3. Pockenfresse

    Hand tool stuck, Translation, OBS..

    Again... I do not record videos. I do stream my desktop to my customers while I work on the product which actually works fine if I capture all (The whole display). Just the window capture makes trouble because it does not show the canvas.. What it shows is the preview window of the navigator. Why is this an issue for me? Because I do not want to capture my whole Desktop to the whole world seeing my wallpaper with my ugly wife, folders or whole documents if I want to change the program, open my mailbox or messaging with other customers. Also called known as GDPR. Those OBS guys said ask the affinity guy and now you say go to OBS. Thank you anyway for the help I will see what I can do and if I can find a workaround for this issue. Maybe a second monitor would help - another 200 bucks. Let's hope the wacom pen issue at least gets fixed soon.
  4. Pockenfresse

    Hand tool stuck, Translation, OBS..

    SnagIt is a screenshot tool (a very overloaded one). OBS means "Open Broadcaster Software" and is used to stream to custom or public stream services.
  5. Pockenfresse

    Hand tool stuck, Translation, OBS..

    This issue is solved but now I have the old struggle again with keystrokes that not working and only after a restart of the whole program they seems to work again. This issue I also had in the 1.6.x versions of Affinity Designer and it also seems no one wants to fix this issue. I was hoping with 1.7 this getting fixe. Same as well with the OBS issues. The OBS developers sends me to your support forum and you me to the OBS guys.. Really? Shoving problems to another one is easy... If the big "A"-Company get this to work why not here? Is the engine for the canvas that complicated? And why there's still no perspective transform tool in AD1.7 as suggested in the thread? Why I have to buy the whole affinity lineup now to get all tools I need? Transform it in AP is not option for me since the object getting rastesterd after transformation. It looks pretty bad if you export a 8000x8000 picture and you see ugly pixels while zooming inside.
  6. I found 3 issues I currently noticed working with Affinity Designer on Windows 10 1903 (Build 18362.145) using an Wacom Intuos Pro Version 2015 - Driver version 6.3.34-3. Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 1050 Ti - Driver version: First when I working in Affinity Designer and opening the Wacom preferences tool and returning to the canvas the Hand tool doesn't work anymore and sometimes the cursor get stuck. Only a restart is solve that issue. Happens randomly so not sure if someone can reproduce the problem. Maybe a driver issue from wacom? Then I noticed some cropped text in the german translation (attached) And in OBS its still not possible to display the canvas in window capture mode unfortunately. I was hoping this will be resolved. The tips with going to the nvidia control panel and edit the settings don't work however i use a desktop pc anyway instead a notebook. (Attached)
  7. If you only have 16 MB of RAM it is probably the whole problem.
  8. Pockenfresse

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm Pockenfresse from Germany, Illustrator for comics and concept art and I moved from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer a year ago and i love it. Yesterday I also purchased Affinity Photo after using the Demo-Version and I'm very satisfied with your products! Thumbs up! Keep up the excellent work!

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