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  1. Hi, i can't save new, own made gradients in Ipad Pro 11" 2019. Check the image, as better Explanation (i made a screenshot from the attaced video of the User markbowen Above in his comment, for the explanation of my problem). I hope there will be soon a update to fix it. ūüôā
  2. There is another way (a bit a strange way - but best in my opinion). 1.) You duplicate the curve to be mirrored with Ctrl + J. So that it is in its own layer the mirrored curve. 2.) Then you position this mirrored curve to the other curve, so that it results in one whole object; that you wanted. 3.) Now you select both layers and connect both curves with the Geometry Button "Add". NOW THE SOLUTION/Strange Way to get what you asked here: 4.) Now you delete the color fill (if you have one) and only give an outline color/stroke to this Object (but it have to be not too
  3. Okey, finally it has worked. I found another, a bit more complicated way of searching and I've found a possibility to download the Adobe RGB ICC Profile finally. Here: https://supportdownloads.adobe.com/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=4075&fileID=3790 And then I put the ICC Profil in the folder: WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color And i've then in the older Windows control panel, in the color management I've then choosen the Adobe RGB 1998 ICC Profil. And not finally it works. Halleluja.... But here, it don't works, the download of the ICC Profil, above.
  4. Look. You can't download the Adobe RGB 1998 ICC Profil: https://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/iccprofiles/icc_eula_win_end.html Try. It doesn't work. Ich kann das ICC Profil nicht downloaden. Auch wenn ich akzeptieren klicke. Passiert nichts. Kein Download startet. Wie komme ich zum Adobe 1998 ICC Profil um es in Windows zu installieren? Ach, kackt mich richtig an. Immer diese Kompliziertheit. Wieso kann nicht einfach mal etwas einfach funktonieren. Immer diese Theater. Ist immer dass gleiche. Bääääh...
  5. I've noticed that the ICC Profil of Adobe RGB 1998 is not more available in the adobe website for download. And in my old Windows control panel, in the color management I have no Adobe RGB 1998 ICC Profil installed. This means finally i can't use Adobe RGB in Affinity Designer? Is that the bottom line, the conclusion? Ich habe nun nachgeschaut im farbmanagment des alten Systemsteuertung unter Windwos 10. Aber dort ist kein ICC Adobe RGB 1998 Farbprofil installiert, nur das sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Und das Adobe RGB 1998 ICC Farbprofil lässt sich auf der Adobe-Webseite
  6. Schau mal. Ich habe gerade jetzt mal, als nochmaliger Test, das selbe Bild in beiden Programmen geöffnet. Und beide Programme haben Adobe RGB als Farbräume eingestellt, wie du voher im oberen Post gesehen hast in den Screenshots) (I've right now, as again-test, opened the same image in both programm. Once in Photoshop and once in Affinity Designer. And both have Adobe RGB as ColorSpace in the settings (both program)).
  7. I've done. Nothing changes. Look at screenshot Habe ich gemacht. Hat sich nichts geändert. Schau den Screenshot an. Vorher war sRGB. Hat auch nichts gebracht. Es muss an Affinity Deigner liegen. Denn wieso sollte Photoshop es mit Adobe RGB richtig interpretieren den Hex Code, aber Affinity Designer mit dem genau selben Hex code nicht? Wieso soll ich in Windwos unter Systemsteuerung das Farbprofil sRGB IEC61966-2.1 zu aktivieren, wenn ich a.) Adobe RGB möchte und b.) sowieso in beiden Programmen es schon gleich eingestellt habe. Nur schon dass ich es in den Program
  8. Here is the proof, attached as screenshot (sorry, the interface language is in german): Both, photoshop as also affinity designers are in the settings with adobe rgb space.
  9. Hi, I don't understand, why the Hex color codes, if I set a same Hex color code, seems not the same in its color, as the hex colors in Photoshop or on a website. Example: I've tried to replicade this DC Fandome Poster (with the blue colors): https://www.turn-on.de/media/cache/article_images/media/cms/2020/06/DC-FanDome.jpg But If I save this image from this website to my desktop and then I open it in Photoshop and pick up the hex color code and then I take this hex color code from photoshop to affinity designer, it has an other blue effect in affinity designer.
  10. With my Wacom Creative Pen Table, I can't also use my tablet fully. As an example: When I want with shortcuts increase the size of the pen tool or brush tool, it doesn't work. I've set right click on one of my wacom pen buttons. But also then it doens't work, with the other shortcuts on the keyboard to increase with the wacom tablet the pen size. Alway only the color picker appears. So it is troublesome to work with my wacom tablet and its pen. So i only prefer to work with my normal mouse. But I would like so much, to work with my wacom pen, like I do it in
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