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  1. Straßenbahnfenster? Bitte was? 🤣 Gibts denn pläne für so ne funktion? Weil sich als "Professionelle Software für Grafikdesign" betiteln und so ne simple funktion wie ein perspektischisches verzerren werkzeug nicht zu haben is schon ein starkes stück.
  2. Now my Tablet doesnt work at all anymore with the current Beta ( No cursor recocnized, nothing. Bugreport send.
  3. I just hope that this problem is fixed in the next version. The last release is a while ago and I still have hope for a fix. If this doesnt get fixed i think its time to looking for another software. Since theres no really alternatives to Affinity for Vectors I guess the old torrent version of CS6 needs to do the job again 🤷‍♂️ Sounds harsh but right now Affinity Designer is just unusable with those issues and Inkscape is a nightmare from the UI.
  4. Sounds like not a problem of Affinity to me. More a problem with your color settings or a wrong color profile. Try to use the same color profile in every program you use. sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is the default one in the most cases and totally okay for web graphics. Set it up in the old Windows control panel and also in your programs so that every program uses this profile. Hört sich für mich nicht nach einem Problem von Affinity an sondern eher nach einem falsch eingestelltem ICC-Farbprofil. Versuch mal auf allen beiden Programmen das gleiche Farbprofil zu nutzen. Versuche mal in Windows in der alten Systemsteuerung das Farbprofil sRGB IEC61966-2.1 zu aktivieren und auch in deinen Programmen unter Einstellungen das einzustellen. Natürlich kannst du auch das von Adobe weiter benutzen, musst es danna ber auch in Affinity und co. dementsprechend, einstellen
  5. Yeah highly anyoing as well if you want to move layers and this stupid windows ink freehand input thingy pops up everytime. And a lag when trying to grab the bar for the stroke thickness also results into a big lag evenwith Windows Ink enabled. Unusable for me, sorry.
  6. I just bought a wacom graphics display recently. Working with AF is currently a pain in the.. you know where... with this pentool problem. One version later its still not fixed. Guys I'd had a lot of patience and I understand its rough times but... What are you doing the whole day? Working on new features? Please for god sake, please make the latest stable run good first! I don't need a Template browser! I need a proper workflow! It's a nightmare: Disable Windows Ink and you have a lag on the whole system with every stroke where working is impossible. Enabling Windows Ink makes your cursor is hyper sensitive and you even cant add a ancorpoints correctly. Yes I use the Beta - problem still exsist. Every beta update I hope.. but no... I'm disappointed! I mean you have this nice forum here were people can write bugs and other things down but whats the point when the major bugs which really interrupting the main workflow and productivity, still exsist in every update? Im aware that the pentool bug is addressed and known to the dev team but it seems the priority isnt that high for it. Why something like such a major bug gets ignored everytime? Some people do more in AD rather than just drawing cycles or creating logos. I illustrate comics, I do commissioned works and thats my job. I need to pay my bills with it. I actually put a lot of trust into Affinity when I changed from AI to AD. So I need your Software and I dont want to miss the other pros this great program has. But now It's impossible to work with AD if the workflow is a nightmare! I need double the time to finish one work than before with AD 1.7.x which also had anyoing bugs which were partly fixed in 1.8.
  7. Your workaround helps so far. Thank you very much for your work guys even in this hard times. Please take care of each other guys!
  8. Gotta need to add something to the bugs: Again keystrokes dont working anymore after a while inactive window. Zoom tool and the other tools are working this time just the keystrokes dont react.. Another bug that exsist since 1.6.x.
  9. Done. Disabling the Windows Ink option in the settings works out for me. Pentool is working now as disired.
  10. Same here. Pretty anyoing and interrups my workflow when I always have to switch to the mouse. Same Tablet, Same OS.
  11. Version 1.8.2 runns fine so far but the behavior of the pentool is very strange. By adding starting ancors I always accidently make curve grips which causing strange effects. It only happens when I use my Wacom tablet. I also noticed that I cant adding new ancors anymore in already exsisting paths. In the old version I simply could click with the pentool into the path. With the Mouse its no problem but as soon I use my graphic Tablet it is impossible. 2020-03-17_23-23-04.mp4
  12. Sorry this is unacceptable thing. Sure Software has bugs but if I pay 60 bucks i also want that bugs getting fixed as soon as possible. Instead those bugs are existent since 1.6.x and It's just unacceptable that they werend fixed. Instead having an new fancy "new" dialgue or several new tools that are also buggy acording to the other posts im the forum. The same problem I had when my streaming software werent able to window-capture the canvas. Instead investigating the whole problem they said i should visit the developer forum of my streaming program, because its 100% not affinitys fault. You actually can reproduce the issue when you minimize the Affinity window while having an document opened. After some surfing or longer inactivity of the window, Keystrokes, Tools and Zoom dont work properly anymore. Every now and then its enough to just change the window for a short time and everything locks up. Sometimes its enough to close the document and reload it and sometimes you need to restart the whole program. When streaming for the customer (without window capture) it is really not the best advertizement for the Affinity series if the artist needs to close the program every 5 minutes because I need to change the window to talk with my customer and the whole stuff is stuck or locked again.
  13. Hi again AP Windows 10 Version 1909, nVidia GTX1050, 16 GiB RAM Another bug I found is if you use the Select brush after raster the picture, and deleting several selected areas with the DEL key, the hand tool dont work anymore. It locks the whole selection (cant move or change the position of the picture anymore) and only a restart of the software makes it work again. Happens with Tablet and also Mouse only. Also the switch to Windows Ink is a heavy backfall that will makes me using another software for sketching unfortantly. Simply unusable. Its not a bug its a feature it seems but its a feature I dont need actually. The same problems with Affinity designer also here with Brush selection that it sometimes dont make a stroke at all.. only when I make the wacom control panel in the foregorund. But then the other bug happens that i cant use the zoom anymore and also invisible strokes without any control..
  14. Hi there. AD 1.8.0 Windows 10 Version 1909, 16 GiB RAM, nVidia GTX1050, Wacom Intous Medium (2012) Driver version: 6.3-38-2 Same as the previous 3 major releases the zoom and also the Pentool is unusable when leaving the window sometimes and come back after it. It locks for some strange reason and I cant make any storke anymore. (Only invisibe ones without any control) Also in the Pixel Persona working is still impossible if I need everytime restart several times the whole software just to make my tools working again. No proper workflow possible anymore and i cant hold in my deadlines. Normally im not that disappointed but I actually need those programs to earn money. I also spend money to use them and I would love to use the programs as desired and without any problems. Right now it seems those major bugs are getting ignored with every release. I really hoped this issue got fixed in the new version. Sadly this didnt happend. If you guys need anything form me, logs or other stuff just tell me what you need and I'll send it.
  15. Sysinfo: Windows 10 Version 1903 (Build 18362.295), Affinity Designer: I found a strange behavior when using the navigator to scroll around in a huge project file with several artboards. It's not possible to navigate with the navigator properly. Size of each artboard: 6372 x 3624 Px. navigator.mp4
  16. Again... I do not record videos. I do stream my desktop to my customers while I work on the product which actually works fine if I capture all (The whole display). Just the window capture makes trouble because it does not show the canvas.. What it shows is the preview window of the navigator. Why is this an issue for me? Because I do not want to capture my whole Desktop to the whole world seeing my wallpaper with my ugly wife, folders or whole documents if I want to change the program, open my mailbox or messaging with other customers. Also called known as GDPR. Those OBS guys said ask the affinity guy and now you say go to OBS. Thank you anyway for the help I will see what I can do and if I can find a workaround for this issue. Maybe a second monitor would help - another 200 bucks. Let's hope the wacom pen issue at least gets fixed soon.
  17. SnagIt is a screenshot tool (a very overloaded one). OBS means "Open Broadcaster Software" and is used to stream to custom or public stream services.
  18. This issue is solved but now I have the old struggle again with keystrokes that not working and only after a restart of the whole program they seems to work again. This issue I also had in the 1.6.x versions of Affinity Designer and it also seems no one wants to fix this issue. I was hoping with 1.7 this getting fixe. Same as well with the OBS issues. The OBS developers sends me to your support forum and you me to the OBS guys.. Really? Shoving problems to another one is easy... If the big "A"-Company get this to work why not here? Is the engine for the canvas that complicated? And why there's still no perspective transform tool in AD1.7 as suggested in the thread? Why I have to buy the whole affinity lineup now to get all tools I need? Transform it in AP is not option for me since the object getting rastesterd after transformation. It looks pretty bad if you export a 8000x8000 picture and you see ugly pixels while zooming inside.
  19. I found 3 issues I currently noticed working with Affinity Designer on Windows 10 1903 (Build 18362.145) using an Wacom Intuos Pro Version 2015 - Driver version 6.3.34-3. Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 1050 Ti - Driver version: First when I working in Affinity Designer and opening the Wacom preferences tool and returning to the canvas the Hand tool doesn't work anymore and sometimes the cursor get stuck. Only a restart is solve that issue. Happens randomly so not sure if someone can reproduce the problem. Maybe a driver issue from wacom? Then I noticed some cropped text in the german translation (attached) And in OBS its still not possible to display the canvas in window capture mode unfortunately. I was hoping this will be resolved. The tips with going to the nvidia control panel and edit the settings don't work however i use a desktop pc anyway instead a notebook. (Attached)
  20. I'm Pockenfresse from Germany, Illustrator for comics and concept art and I moved from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer a year ago and i love it. Yesterday I also purchased Affinity Photo after using the Demo-Version and I'm very satisfied with your products! Thumbs up! Keep up the excellent work!
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