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  1. OOPS! Never make assumptions. Sorry Jennifer, all I had to go on was initials and got it (very) wrong
  2. Thank you Alfred and jmwellborn Yes definitely pay attention to contextual tools - I had opacity set to less than 10%, all fine now! What a nice helpful bunch of people Affinity users are, (speaking as an ex-Photoshop user). Is the Collie in your avatar your dog jmwelborne? - stunning dog! Thanks gentlemen
  3. Hi I am running Affinity Photo on a Mac , version 1.6.7 Is there an update available, as I don;t seem to get update info? I am having problems with the inpainting brush - it doesn;t want to work. Should I download and re-install the software, if so, what do I need to do please? Many thanks in advance
  4. painTony

    Introduce Yourself

    It seems us newbies here are in good company. I opted for blocs for websites, so it's Goodbye Adobe.
  5. painTony

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I am Tony Scott "painTony", well that's how my better half defines me. I'm getting on a bit, but not too old to make changes - I'm a refugee from Adobe, especially now they are getting rid of Muse and shutting down Business Catalyst. Just got *PHOTO AND *DESIGNER and learning through tuts as we speak. Glad to be here!