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  1. Another inspiration for my OpenSource friends. Made with .9xx Beta of AfPhoto and AfDesigner Leave your comments to help me improve more. Thanks!
  2. Tried it but 1- fontbase run slow on my PC 2- is external and I'm not sure it can mimic or achieve what i asked ... but i'll consider to give it another try one of these days Thanks
  3. Thanks @Mark Ingram for the release, congrat to your respective teams. From DL to install, all went fast and cool, such a peace and tears. App loading and document loading have improved a lot ( just hope it won't drop or regress in next builds). Well, one detail that still bother me a bit, after loading a document (template here) with guides I experience lag when I try to remove a single guide by sliding it out of the canvas. So the grab slide to remove make the app to run slow, my templates are 1920*1080 only in size. is it possible to investigate that and make it work similar
  4. Thank @Mark Ingram for this release. installed it on my side and it works good, will maybe give it a quick project to see how it handles stuffs a bit later during the day. One thing i've noted that could bring a huge change for further release is font loading. AfDesigner (but also AfPublisher and AfPhoto) are slow at font loading on startup but also when having to select from the app, if possible please make some improvements to that for the good of all users, it is crucial to have it proceed much faster. I know it seem to run much faster with less than 500 fonts but in my case I
  5. Thanks to @Sean P @Chris B and @Mark Ingram for their strong support. Without you shipping builds that works, this would not be possible, entirely made with the recent .900 RC release of AfPhoto and AfDesigner. it works !
  6. Fetching right now ... will test in coming hours. good job guys.
  7. I asked this months ago ... wait kind of back in 2018 or so Please unveil your solution when it is ready for us to enjoy it and become even more productif
  8. This release is nice. Kind of runs faster (I've not tested stuffs yet but load faster) Only one concern I have with this (and all apps) beta builds, the generated assets and project files (to list few) aren't retro compatible. Which situation can bring confusion or some kind of disappointment if we consider the recent case of Beta release not properly working or simply for those who prefer to use beta for creating assets of templates using the latest functionalities then hope/wish to make use of it with the current release which are more stable. We should be granted with choice to c
  9. Well I'm asking because I want to make sure and not miss something So if there a pack to DL that will garanty I run issues free then please indicate me, never know what comes in days toward us.
  10. AfPhoto .900 RC installed and working at 100% Plugins and stuffs fully loaded Ready to Stomp the Yard ... Thank you @Mark Ingram and Team
  11. Hello Guys ! Few more from my desk ... As always please leave me your comments and suggestions.
  12. Sorry my mistake on precision. I currently run the AfSuite on a Dell Precision T3500 with a Xeon CPU @2.8GHz + 12GiB of Ram + a Radeon HD 5450 @1GHz My previous intervention ( on another topic) was on release pre-891 which was slow and crashing a lot. I upgraded manually to .891 and got that "not starting state of things" ... So because I'm constantly learning to keep me busy everyday (Yes i'm jobless for 6y now) ... I decided to roll back to stable release for everything AfDesigner and AfPhoto and keep some stuffs on Beta of AfPublisher which works no problem. I know you'll get it
  13. I'm on PC with Windows 10 20H2 Just didn't update my profile since my Mac dropped dead.
  14. I have the same issue with lastest Publisher Beta working super cool but AfPhoto and AfDesigner not launching. I decided i'll wait for you to release the next beta release. Will it require I uninstall then reinstall or just push the update button to get it working. Thanks
  15. crash is proff of love but not too much crashes ... 😅😅
  16. I just hope this release won't like crash like .885 which made me to not use AfSuite since it was installed on my desktop. I live for Beta and I crave for it ... Please make it work!
  17. it's too bright, some areas should be darkened to make it pops more
  18. Well, as I saif in prior post, I opened a template created with previous build and tried to create something from that base work. changing title moving filters to get more punch etc. nothing too much but the app crashed like - 5 times straight on selecting groups of objects and trying to unfold it, - 6th time it crashed I was trying to apply Gaussian Blur Live Filter ( obliged to proceed with the one from the Fx studio), - 7th time I was trying to edit text after I scaled it twice it's size. The only solution I got for now was to do all those small edits with AfPublisher then Edit w
  19. @Chris B the current build is crashing like too much (actually both AfPhoto and AfDesigner) A solution should come to testers and community faster before many users complains about it your respective teamsget overwhelmed
  20. Just hope this build will run faster and smoother than the recent build from december which often freezes or run slow BTW install was kinf of faster this time File loading is fast but I still have those lags when working on a file ***Opened a template made with previous build so to tryhow the whole thing works but i've now faced 5 crashes, which never happened with old version, was slow but never crashed even once on my PC. Any fix or instruction on this ?
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