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  1. Another inspiration for my OpenSource friends. Made with .9xx Beta of AfPhoto and AfDesigner Leave your comments to help me improve more. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Mark Ingram for the release, congrat to your respective teams. From DL to install, all went fast and cool, such a peace and tears. App loading and document loading have improved a lot ( just hope it won't drop or regress in next builds). Well, one detail that still bother me a bit, after loading a document (template here) with guides I experience lag when I try to remove a single guide by sliding it out of the canvas. So the grab slide to remove make the app to run slow, my templates are 1920*1080 only in size. is it possible to investigate that and make it work similar to what I see in stable version (no lag there) as this may appear in next stable and get people mad. But for now, i'd say Good job guys. Thanks
  3. Thanks to @Sean P @Chris B and @Mark Ingram for their strong support. Without you shipping builds that works, this would not be possible, entirely made with the recent .900 RC release of AfPhoto and AfDesigner. it works !
  4. AfPhoto .900 RC installed and working at 100% Plugins and stuffs fully loaded Ready to Stomp the Yard ... Thank you @Mark Ingram and Team
  5. Hello Guys ! Few more from my desk ... As always please leave me your comments and suggestions.
  6. I just hope this release won't like crash like .885 which made me to not use AfSuite since it was installed on my desktop. I live for Beta and I crave for it ... Please make it work!
  7. Well, as I saif in prior post, I opened a template created with previous build and tried to create something from that base work. changing title moving filters to get more punch etc. nothing too much but the app crashed like - 5 times straight on selecting groups of objects and trying to unfold it, - 6th time it crashed I was trying to apply Gaussian Blur Live Filter ( obliged to proceed with the one from the Fx studio), - 7th time I was trying to edit text after I scaled it twice it's size. The only solution I got for now was to do all those small edits with AfPublisher then Edit with AfPhoto again to push 1 slider and export the whole thing. Well the previous build was laggy but never crashed even once it could freeze : Yes ! but not crashing. Kind of embarrassing behavior. My current config Dell Precision T3500 * Intel Xeon W3530 @2800GHz * 12GiB of Ram @1333MHz * 500GiB HDD @5200RPM * Radeon 5450 with 1GiB Vram * Windows 10 20H2 with necessary updates
  8. @Chris B the current build is crashing like too much (actually both AfPhoto and AfDesigner) A solution should come to testers and community faster before many users complains about it your respective teamsget overwhelmed
  9. Just hope this build will run faster and smoother than the recent build from december which often freezes or run slow BTW install was kinf of faster this time File loading is fast but I still have those lags when working on a file ***Opened a template made with previous build so to tryhow the whole thing works but i've now faced 5 crashes, which never happened with old version, was slow but never crashed even once on my PC. Any fix or instruction on this ?
  10. Still have some hard time with light and reflections so I tested some new ways on this project. Affinity Designer + Photo + (Nik 3.3 and Luminar 4) I wanted to see what works the best as whole or just in 1 precise aspect of what I want then I decide the way I'll put things together. Let's go! A thumbnail for #OldTechBlocke a YouTuber who does cool #Linux contents 1st you'll see what he made (surely using Gimp 2.10.20/22) 2dn what I came up with (just a bit of reorganization and more colors in there) : Luminar 4 3rd the same design boosted with Nik Collection 3.3 Blessings !
  11. Just Before I leave for more job and some home stuffs, i'd like to share this other one, also made for a French Linux guy doing good works on YouTube. I'm still not that good at composition and colors but at least this is what was done. Check and revert for me to improve for the good of Design and Photography. Here also, I tested soe other tints variant. Blessings !
  12. Hello Everyone ! Was a bit far from this place but today I wish to share a quick job I made for a friend of mine who's a YouTuber on the Linux side. I made it because his recent video inspired me a lot and I wanted to test something new ... I mean some tints I had in mind. No more comment, time for you to check and choose. Notice I'm currently doing and shipping both lighter and darker tendencies of the same design to my requesters. Blessings !
  13. Hello Everyone Hello Support I'm enjoying the "Create palette from image/from document" functionality for years but always forget to send this suggestion. I believe it will be cool to have button somewhere on a tool that point to that internal tool/function. it is crucial to be able to create palettes from documents and from images, it can save enormous time and effort when one work offline but have some base of stock image that he can sample from but ... this functionality is buried into that hamburger button which make it not easy to find or even to guess it does exist (for new users coming to affinity photo) but if a button on the top bar is there to put an emphasis on that and remind the user it is possible just by first look then more of it can be done. On the other side, i think create palette from document/image is almost playing the same role and should be grouped as one unified tool/functionality which will make it even more appealing and useful. I know there still some missing stuff to that tool/function but I believe by putting it upfront and allowing people to make good use of it, many will then start submitting ideas for changes and improvements but First ... group it and make a button for it Please ! This can benefit the entire suite as they have that same tool/function available Beta cycle is a good season/time to bring such changes so it can be tested properly. Blessings !
  14. Okay thank you ! I'm currently running Dx12 on that same config which came after I did my updates so it's not so bad but I noticed that AfPhoto works better (less lags) and even faster when I use the WARP setting so, i'm kind of fine right now even if the release prior to the b.852 was much much reactive and better in terms of resource usage but ... that another story. BTW my card/gpu is a switchable one intel+amd to be more precise. Blessings
  15. Beautiful build but one thing I've noticed that it making use of enormous resources compared to release you shipped before this, which is something a bit frustrative. But I love your works and wait for another one to come so I can compare.
  16. AMD 7670M on this side. Will it work or can I say bye bye to the Hardware Acceleration ?
  17. 1- Non Destructiveness 2- Better and understandable Adjustments 3- More intelligent and Less agressive Tone Mapping filters/functions 4- more comprehensive functions on the develop persona (which here tends to be confusing in regard to what is available on the Develop Persona 5- Save with History to become default (but must allow that function to be disabled if needed) 6- Crop tool shouldn't crop the entire canvas or Art but act like the crop tool in designer or allow for crop on precise layer 7- Affinity Designer is capable of creating both vector and pixel layers why not Affinity photo ? When it is possible to move from one to another to do things in a more precise way. This is a short list of what I can talk about right now.
  18. Thank you my friend by ease of use I actually mean the Develop Persona should come closer to what we have in other modern apps like On1 Photo Raw, PhotoLab 4 etc. something that's less technical but opens the door to pure creativity. After all, Photography, Photo-Retouch etc. all that is Art and the guy working with the tools, need to actually be more focus on making their Art better but with ease and not spending like a day for a photo. The recent improvements brought to PS by Adobe have enabled their userbase to do more and much better in less which can be proven by growing amount of piece of Art on behance but also a constantly increase of their tutorial production on YouTube. The Affinity line of product can achieve the same without scarifying this or that but shaping things and making them even better. Even the guys at Luminar understood that and now about to deliver the one killing app they never imagined they could ship to us.
  19. Hello Everyone Hello Team I gladly spent the last few days working on projects and realized how easy and fluid Affinity photo have become but ... yes because can't move forward without a request for improvement. I'd like to notify that the Develop Persona is something quite complicated from noobs perspective which should be revamped and made more intuitive for all levels of knowledges. What's there and the way it works is cool but more for Pro/Skilled people to work with (same case for the Tone mapping persona) to my defense on this, I used Luminar for like every projects I needed to finish which is actually a non-sens. Looking at Photoshop with their improvement made on Camera Raw, I believe this is a sort of path to bring on the Develop Persona of Affinity Photo. Making things easy to grad and to do without having to worry "what app will color grade with ease while making me save a big amount of time and money etc." I know it's possible and the Team behing the Photo app can make it happen with the ease of a click for our pleasure and joy. Something mid-ground between Camera Raw and Luminar will be welcomed. Hope I posted in the roght place without creating a duplica of request that aleready existed years/months ago. Blessings !
  20. Better choice would be locally then each user can upload to cloud service he already subscribed to
  21. Hello Everyone Hello Team I think it is time to think about bring an internal tool/function that will allow users to backup their full #Designer #Photo #Publisher profile and restore that full backup when needed. I mean, it often happened to me (and I guess to many) to be called on reinstalling my PC (windows actually) and find out I have to redo everything from the very beginning and considering my personal collection of assets, brushes, palettes etc. have i'm an unexpected way over the years ... I'm spending an hour or more to make everything work as expected or just be back like on my previous setup and this goes also for tab/studio alignment etc Really it's something different which is need to make this happen and former Adobe products will agree with that it's just painful to set everything back to the right place we want them. if in any case this was asked or there is an existing topics on this already please admins, feel free to move this in there as I personally couldn't find where to insert this and chosed to create a new topic. Hope this will happen at some stages and make a lot of people happy. Blessings !
  22. Alors la je ne saurai repondre vue je ne'utilise pas Nik Collection mais la question est interessante, je regarderai et certainement je vous ferai un retour, mais pas avant plusieurs heures vus qu'il est assez tard la ou je vis.
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