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  1. I am proposing the feature to import 3D models (.fbx, .obj, etc) ! The inclusion of this feature has the following advantages: 1) Unrivalled spectacularity. 2) Dramatically lower RAM usage and produced file size. 3) Endless abilities for in-place model transformation. IMHO a must-have for every serious DTP software from now on !
  2. I can verify it is working properly with version ! Just adjust score to 1. Many thanks and keep on with the good work !
  3. Dear Mr Connor ! Many thanks for your reply and understanding of my issue ! I really appreciate it ! I will certainly test next version and send you all data you asked me in case there is NO hyphenation at all as well ! I will also send you an image showing how it is supposed to be hyphenated (directly from LibreOffice using the same hyphenation directories that I will send you)
  4. Trust me I have done everything OK ! I know the feature of HunSpell dictionaries and I have implemented it since PagePlus where Greek hyphenation has worked well ! If you have seen another post of mine for Publisher, I am saying that although Greek spelling is working OK there is TOTAL lack of hyphenation for Greek language and this is an undeniable fact ! I have enabled EVERYTHING in the Character and Paragraph section related to hyphenation but still NO hyphenation ! So to any Serif staff that reads my post, PLEASE FIX this !
  5. Tried last beta version but no Greek hyphenation AT ALL yet !! It is NOT like hyphenation works with problems ! There is NO hyphenation at all !! Please fix it ASAP !
  6. Yes along with all other files !
  7. I have installed and used the LibreOffice el_GR package in Affinity Publisher. Greek spelling is working fine ! However, no matter how hard I have tried NO Greek hyphenation at all ! Please fix it in release version ! Thank you !
  8. I think it would be nice to see it somewhere in future releases. Is it already in the "to-do list" of the development team ?
  9. Dear Support, I would like to suggest Greek language spelling and hyphenation tools for Affinity Publisher sooner or later! I consider them to be very important for my work. Thank you very much !