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  1. Thank you! This has been driving me crazy since I switched to version 2. I have been trying to figure out what setting I must have accidentally changed. Looks like that solved it.
  2. Thanks. I recognize those issues. I’ve fixed them in a later version, but this project was from the old version. I’m not sure what the issue was, but when I opened it in the separate program instead of inside publisher, things worked as usual. Thanks for your help. Those are good ideas for moving forward.
  3. I frequently use symbols across 30-40 art boards in one document. Each symbol is a group. The pages are bingo boards, so the symbols are arranged inside a grid in a different order on each page. After putting the symbols in the correct spot on the grid, I select a row or column and align the centers, then move the group to align with the grid. I do that over and over until the symbols are all aligned. In the past, aligning the symbols on one page did not affect the alignment on the other pages. Since switching to version 2, when I align the symbols on one page, it messes up the alignment on the other pages. Selecting things by using the pointer to make a box around them is also wacky. This is created in publisher using the designer persona. Once things are all aligned, I slip images into the the symbols and hide the numbers and boxes. Of course, this is for a client due today. Ahhh! test file.afpub
  4. Well, now it's working perfectly! It looks like it needs to be done in Photo. Interestingly, I had two pixel layers (I thought a rectangle was a vector, but it was an old pixel layer) when it wasn't working. Once I fixed the rectangle to be a vector layer, it worked. I think I probably just did something wrong the first few tries. I can't find a way to delete this thread, so if you are trying to use a live filter on a group with vector and pixel layers, it should work in photo. (Admin, feel free to delete this message.)
  5. I want to warp a group that includes text, two shapes, and a pixel layer. I have all three Version 2 programs. Can I warp or use false perspective on this group? So far, it isn't working for me. I've tried it in Photo and Designer, but I can't get it to work. I can warp all the vector text and shapes, but not with the pixel layer. Do they always have to be done separately?
  6. Yes. I'm trying to do a live perspective filter on a group. It only appears to effect one layer. I that the sam problem you are descriing?
  7. Thanks lacerto. I hope Windows fixes whatever is causing the problem, because it sure is making my work take a lot more time!
  8. So, for those of us who are not programmers, is there a fix? I am working on a project for a client, and I am having this same problem with a little more added. When I try to change fonts, only a limited number of my fonts show up (maybe 1/8 of my fonts). When I try to search for the font by typing it in, then my program crashes. It looks like my windows was updated on Oct 14, but the fonts were working fine yesterday. I haven't tried Photo yet, but the problem is happening in publisher and designer. I can see all my fonts in photo, but the favorites list is not working right, and it also crashes when using the font search bar. (but not as quickly as the other two programs)
  9. Walt, I got that backwards again! Yes. I was using Affinity Publisher. Sorry about that! I fixed it in my reply.
  10. The reason why I rasterize everything is because I sell printable games. I don't want buyers to have the ability to easily lift images from my games. Sometimes I include images I purchased from others, and as part of their terms of use, anything I sell must be flattened. It's also so that my files will be smaller. The games I sell sometimes have 30-50 pages. (Bingo) I don't know what happened, but when I tried resaving the file with a new name and then adding they hyperlink again, everything worked. There may have been some sort of glitch with my original file. Thank you everyone for your quick answers. They were very helpful. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply that all was well. I have kids, got distracted, and didn't realize until today that I never came back to follow up and say thank you.
  11. I am trying to add a hyperlink in Affinity Designer (I meant to say Publisher) to a file I will export as a pdf. I followed the directions to add a hyperlink, and it worked. When I click "Go to hyperlink target" to test the link, it works. When I export the file as a pdf, the hyperlink shows up, and it is clickable. Unfortunately, clicking the link does nothing. Here are my settings: File format: PDF Rasterize: everything Use document resolution Allow JPEG compression Compatibility PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 😎 Color Space As document ICC profile: Use Document profile Embed ICC profile Honor spot colors Overprint black Include Hyperlinks Allow advanced features Any ideas?
  12. Thanks, Walt. It looks like all I need to do to open a file in Publisher is right click on the image from File Explorer, and choose "Open with," and then "Publisher." You just saved me so much time! Maybe we'll get lucky, and this will help the person with the original question as well.
  13. I thought I'd share this here in case my problem backs up Elarionus' problem. If it seems like it's something else, I'll post my question again separately. I'm not sure if this is the same issue (I've just been looking for an answer to my problem). When I try to open a png or jpg in affinity, my folders appear to be empty (unless they are affinity publisher files or have already been opened and saved in Designer or Photo). If I know the name of the file I am looking for, I can type it in, and the file will open. Otherwise, I have to open my files in Designer and copy and paste them into my project in Publisher. Interestingly, the jpg and png files in my downloads folder do appear, but that's the only folder that works. I do use OneDrive, but I also have files that are local to my computer. The only local files that show up are the files in my downloads folder. I'm not sure how long this has been happening. I've had Publisher a lot less time than Photo and Designer. I can't remember if it's always been like this or not.
  14. Yes, please! I need this feature as well. I am coming across the same problem -- too many artboards, and my designer freezes up.
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