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  1. Thanks, Walt. It looks like all I need to do to open a file in Publisher is right click on the image from File Explorer, and choose "Open with," and then "Publisher." You just saved me so much time! Maybe we'll get lucky, and this will help the person with the original question as well.
  2. I thought I'd share this here in case my problem backs up Elarionus' problem. If it seems like it's something else, I'll post my question again separately. I'm not sure if this is the same issue (I've just been looking for an answer to my problem). When I try to open a png or jpg in affinity, my folders appear to be empty (unless they are affinity publisher files or have already been opened and saved in Designer or Photo). If I know the name of the file I am looking for, I can type it in, and the file will open. Otherwise, I have to open my files in Designer and copy and paste them into my project in Publisher. Interestingly, the jpg and png files in my downloads folder do appear, but that's the only folder that works. I do use OneDrive, but I also have files that are local to my computer. The only local files that show up are the files in my downloads folder. I'm not sure how long this has been happening. I've had Publisher a lot less time than Photo and Designer. I can't remember if it's always been like this or not.
  3. Yes, please! I need this feature as well. I am coming across the same problem -- too many artboards, and my designer freezes up.
  4. I just uninstalled and reinstalled, and everything seems to be back to normal. Sorry to bother you. I should have tried that first.
  5. I'm also freezing up any time I try to open large vector files that I download from a royalty-free image website I use. They work fine in Photo.
  6. Sorry. I didn't realize that was what you needed. Will you send me a new link to upload, please? I can't share the file publicly.
  7. I've been experimenting, and it does look like it is in CMYK color format in Photo, but RGB in Designer. No matter what I try in Designer, I cannot convert the format to CMYK. (I tried creating a new CMYK file and pasting in the images from photo to designer, but the format goes back to RGB, and I cannot change it. Sometimes designer crashes when I try. I have been creating the same type of files for years. I have never had a problem with the colors, and I do sometimes go back and forth between designer and photo. I work mostly in designer, though, and I'm pretty sure the original files were created there. And the colors used to be the same in both places. The issue started after I updated Designer.
  8. Thank you for letting me know how to follow the thread. I uploaded a sample to the link you provided. When I pull the file up in Photo, the colors are correct. When I pull the same photo up in Designer, the colors are wrong. I have tried to click on document setup to see if the color profile is different in each program, but Designer freezes every time I click on document setup. It only seems to happen in the files with the color problem. (There are several.)
  9. Ever since updating to the latest version of Affinity Designer 1.8.5, I have had lots of problems. I've had to switch a lot of my work to Affinity Photo. (I frequently switch back and forth because Designer is missing a feature I need.) Affinity Designer crashes when I have large files, and the colors come up funny--almost like the color format or profile has been changed. I can't show a screen shot because the files I'm working on can't be shared publicly yet. Oops, I forgot to click notify me of replies, so now I won't see them. Wish I could figure out how to fix that! (I'm editing my submission right now.)
  10. Thank you, Carl123. That tool is just what I need. Like Glicky said, I would also love to see perspective and warp tool in designer. That type of feature is the only reason that I need both programs right now.
  11. Oops. I'm going to include a better image of the photoshop stuff. I realized the image wasn't accurate.
  12. Adobe photoshop has a feature called warp that I would love to see in Affinity Photo. When you click on the warp feature, it looks similar to the perspective feature in Photo (with the grid over the image). The difference with warp is that instead of only the four spots (points that can be dragged) on the four corners, each intersection of the grid is a moveable point. This is particularly useful when trying to make shadows that make papers or cards look curled. The warp feature allows the user to bend a shadow in the center of a side instead of just pulling out the corners. I'll attach an image to show you what I mean.
  13. I just tried copying my images into a new document and resaving. I was then able to use the document setup feature. I appears the problem was specific to the two files I was working with. Weird.
  14. My designer program keeps freezing indefinitely. (I left it frozen overnight, and it never recovered.) The program is not creating crash reports because it is not crashing. It stays open and is completely unresponsive. Currently, the problem happens every time I click on the document setup button. The program doesn't show that it is working on a process. It does not show a spinning icon (the kind that shows when the computer is thinking). It does not give the message that the program is unresponsive. It just freezes. The only way to close it is by opening the task manager. The task manager does not show that the program is having any issue, even though it is frozen. I have to close the program from the task manager. I am using Windows 10, and version 1.7.1404 of designer. Thanks for your help. The program seems quite glitchy since my last update. (I updated my computer and windows a few days ago, so that is all up to date.)
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