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  1. That works! Thank you.
  2. A feature I really miss in Affinity is my current layer always showing inside the list in the layers panel. In other programs, when I click on a layer in my image, that layer will automatically be visible in the layers panel. (The list of layers automatically scrolls to the current layer so that I can edit it from the panel easily.) Currently, when I click on a layer in my image, I have to scroll through all of the layers to find the layer in the panel. The layer is highlighted so that I can easily identify it, but it's still a pain to scroll through everything when my image is made up of tons of layers. It's very time consuming to find the layer I am looking for. I'd like it to automatically show in the layers panel. I'd love to see that as an automatic feature in the future. (If the feature is already there, and I just need to change a setting, I'd love to know how to do it. (I think it should be the default feature.) Actually, I just checked. There is an option in the user interface to "Show selection in layers panel." I do have that checked. Maybe that just means that it highlights the selection. It does not scroll the selection to the visible part of the panel.
  3. My designer program keeps freezing indefinitely. (I left it frozen overnight, and it never recovered.) The program is not creating crash reports because it is not crashing. It stays open and is completely unresponsive. Currently, the problem happens every time I click on the document setup button. The program doesn't show that it is working on a process. It does not show a spinning icon (the kind that shows when the computer is thinking). It does not give the message that the program is unresponsive. It just freezes. The only way to close it is by opening the task manager. The task manager does not show that the program is having any issue, even though it is frozen. I have to close the program from the task manager. I am using Windows 10, and version 1.7.1404 of designer. Thanks for your help. The program seems quite glitchy since my last update. (I updated my computer and windows a few days ago, so that is all up to date.)
  4. momsthewordus

    Designer keeps freezing up

    I just tried copying my images into a new document and resaving. I was then able to use the document setup feature. I appears the problem was specific to the two files I was working with. Weird.
  5. The brushes that come with the Affinity Designer program have disappeared. I haven't tried to use them in a very long time, so I don't know how long they have been gone (maybe since the latest update?). The brushes I created are there, but all of the categories are completely empty in pixel mode and design mode. I was able to import brushes from Photoshop, but how can I get the affinity brushes back?
  6. Thank you, Walt. It looks like I forgot to import the vector brushes. I still have blank categories from the old sets, but at least I have all of them now. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  7. I imported them into the pixel persona, but none of them come up in the designer persona. There are still just blank categories there. Do I need to import them separately into each persona?
  8. I just used the link included from the other thread to download and import the missing brushes, but they imported as new categories instead of repopulating the old ones. I still have a bunch of empty categories at the top of my brushes list, but the brushes are there with new labels that end in 1.6. Is that what I was supposed to do?
  9. Hi. I'm using Windows 10, and I purchased the program directly from the Affinity store. All of my brush categories are available, but they are empty. There is one solid brush in the assorted category.
  10. momsthewordus

    sharpen brush

    Is there a similar function in photo?
  11. momsthewordus

    sharpen brush

    I'm trying to create a brush of my watermark. (It's really more of a stamp. I just stamp it on. I don't draw with it like a traditional brush.) When I did this in photoshop, the watermark came out crisp and clean. In affinity designer, it comes out blurry around the edges. I have adjusted the hardness and flow to 100%, and I've tried messing with other settings, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
  12. momsthewordus

    sharpen brush

    I'm not on an ipad. I'm on a desktop. Looks like I put this in the wrong thread. That is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much! I added it to the icons panel, which I moved to the top. Wish I could move my watermark to the top of the icons, but I'll settle for being able to find it quickly. Thank you! I've been trying to figure this out for hours.
  13. Thanks BobDaubs and Wosven. Both of your answers were very helpful.
  14. I am working with a photo. I added some adjustment layers for white balance and brightness. Then I copied and pasted some sections of the photo to hide some problems in the background. Those new sections don't have the adjustments applied, so I want to add the same adjustments to those new layers. When I try to adjust just the single new layers, it readjusts my original adjustments instead. I can't create a new white balance and brightness layer for the new layers only. I've tried adjusting from the adjustments panel and from the layers panel -- both with the same result. The instructions from the help menu make it sound like I should be able to apply adjustments to a single layer, but it's not working for me. Help, please! Thank you!
  15. Thank you so much, owenr! I'm glad the solution was so simple. It was driving me crazy!
  16. I am trying to create a brush with my watermark to add to photos. When I previously created it in Photoshop, the brush size was 589 px, which is typically the size I need the brush for most of my photos. When I create the brush in affinity photo (by creating a png file of my watermark, and then creating a new intensity brush from the dropdown menu in the brushes panel, the brush is created as size 64 px. It doesn't matter how big my original file is. I have tried making the png bigger as well. It always ends up size 64 px. Is there a way to control the pixel size of the created brush? Thank you!
  17. Yesterday, my computer got some new updates from Windows. Now I'm experiencing some problems. I'm not sure if they are related to the updates or just bugs in the software. I started noticing last night that the flood fill tool in affinity designer was working weird. Instead of changing the color of one part of my image, when I clicked on a new color, it changed the entire image to different shades and tones of that color. That worked off and on. Sometimes I could get it to work normally, and sometimes it did the weird tone thing. This afternoon, I tried to print from Affinity without exporting the document to any format. Affinity shut down. I tried again. Same thing. I exported the file to a pdf, and all of the sudden my computer will no longer recognize my printer. I don't know if that is from the update or from Affinity. Back to the flood tool. Now it won't do anything. It won't change the colors of my image at all. It briefly changed the weird tones and shades, and now it won't do anything. (I have restarted my computer several times trying to get the printer to work again.) Does anyone know of any glitches going on related to Windows 10 updates, or is there a known glitch with the fill tool? I've used it many times. Thanks for your help.
  18. Ha! I just found a video online that showed me a back door to uninstall programs. It worked! Wish me luck that everything will be back to normal when I reinstall.
  19. Is there a way to restore deleted default color pallets in Affinity Design? When I was messing around with creating a color pallet for a document, I deleted the color pallet I was working on two or three times and started over. I didn't realize that I had added on to default color pallets. When I deleted my work, I deleted the defaults. All I have left are the Pantone pallets. Thanks.
  20. My fills came back using the preferences restore defaults. Thank you, firstdefense.
  21. Hmm. I just tried to uninstall Affinity Designer so that I could reinstall it to see if that would solve my problems. Interestingly, the computer popped up a message that I did not have appropriate permissions to uninstall the program. That's the same message I got when I tried to uninstall the printer to reinstall it. My printer is detected by the computer. It will scan. It just won't recognize it to print. HP support said to uninstall and reinstall. Interesting that I can't uninstall either program. Sounds like something fishy is going on.
  22. I know this sounds weird, but I'm having a really difficult time finding out how to purchase Affinity Designer. I tried the trial version last week, and I really like it. Now I want to buy it. I went to this website: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/, and I feel like I'm just clicking around in circles getting back to the same screen over and over. I remember that I found the trial by googling it, not by finding the link in the website. This is a really great program, but I'm having a hard time navigating the website. Am I on the wrong site? It seems like such a good program would have a website that is more informative. I would think the link to buy it would be really obvious. Also, my computer blocks links to vimeo, so I can't watch the tutorials. It thinks vimeo is unsafe. I don't know much about vimeo. I see tutorials on youtube, so I've been using them. Wish I could get to the others, though.
  23. I do have Disney Circle. I'll check there. Thanks. I can watch vimeo on my phone with no problem.
  24. I'm starting the trial version of affinity photo. I noticed that the shadows/highlights adjustment resets every time I start a new document, so I created a preset of the adjustment that I wanted to use on several documents. The only problem is that I can't figure out where to find the preset. I expected a drop down menu when I opened up the shadows/highlight adjustment the next time, but the only option was to create a new preset. Then I thought my preset might be listed in the adjustments menu. Nope. Where can I find it? Another great option to help with the problem would be the ability to copy a layer style from the layers panel and then apply it to a different layer. Maybe this is already possible (I hope) and it just doesn't work the way that I am used to doing it. Thanks in advance for your help.