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  1. Walt, many thanks for the help -- I found the autosave in the AppData folder tree and have recovered to a point close to when I'd saved. Many thanks! Full path:
  2. I am on a PC. Window 10 Professional with Affinity Photo 1.7.1. I have a file that I saved and then upon saving and closing (or seconds just after) I encountered a fatal windows 10 error relating to the Graphics card and this caused Blue Screen of Death. Upon reloading I am unable to open the saved Affinity Photo file, stating the file type is "unsupported". I hazard a guess that saving to the disk was interrupted by the BSOD. However, I have the Affinity Photo backup saving (File Recovery Interval) system running every 300 seconds and this should have a version of my image I can work from. How do I find this file, on PC? I have found similar threads but those that give a Filepath are non existant on my system and also many comments / posts state this (File Recovery Interval) is only for power failure errors etc; which this exactly is. How do I restore my work? Many thanks. M
  3. I have since found it -- looking under the character menu ("a") from the font menubar gives a selection of sub-headings, one of which is "decoration" within which the text stroke colour and width are editable.
  4. After upgrading to Affinity Photo 1.7 I can now no longer find where or how to set the stroke width of font elements. I create a font and write a text and i have found I can use the alternative colour on the colour palette to make a stroke colour on the font, but I can not find any way of editing the width of this stroke. This previously used to be an option from the Font sub menu bar. Where has it gone?