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  1. Hello I would like other noise patterns available. Especially some with less fine grain. You don't have to invent them - film grain emulation would be fine. Some are perhaps open source. Michelle
  2. Yes I would like also +1 Michelle
  3. yes please - my brush list is long and order is silly :-( Michelle
  4. Hi affinity Oh nooo where is grid snapping of curve handles? :-((( I need it badly. Must be error in software? I used the fine kontrol for 10 years in illustrator. Very important! Also able to fix direction in steps of 45 degrees. Just like the pen tool and nodes. It is all handicap and no help when going from node to handle. :-((( Michelle
  5. Thank you But this is not feedback when saving - it is after saving :-( If I save huge file to usb stick or slow network drive i see no feedback while saving. I don't even know if i am saving. Other programs sshows some progress in bottom of screen. Michelle P If I PšendašendaPšenda
  6. Thank you Alfred A workaround for now. But pleease fix Affinity. Michelle
  7. Hi Oh nooo Affinity :-( I installed a lot of brushes and used several in complex drawings. The next day I open the drawing and I cant see at all what vector brush I used on each curve. I honestly can't rememeber at all - very difficult to continue drawing. it s a real mess. Nowhere is this informations available. :-( Could you at least save the brush name somehow with the curve and make it available as a mouseover tooltip? Very sad now. Michelle
  8. hi evaluating photo - looks good :-) i opened and edited some jpgs and saved them but there is no feedback on the screen anywhere when i save. please add some visual clue in the bottom of the screen. saving to slow usb is not quick and i need a clue Michelle
  9. Hi I am evaluating the trial of designer (windows). i make mistakes all the time when i drag and drop layers up and down. they end beneath other layers! is it possible to turn the mouse into meaningful symbols when dragging and overall make it a bit more intuitive? also the menu font is very small Michelle
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