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  1. More bingo: there are buttons in the ribbon for this! Great. I missed them. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thank you for the two replies. I did see that the whole page rotates when I right click and chose a rotate command. That's why I wanted to undo that operation quickly with Ctrl-z. I guess there are no commands for flip, or invert or rotate for an object. I do know you can manually rotate a selected object with the mouse, with or without fixed increments if you use the Ctrl key with the operation. Menu commands, or even buttons on the gui for flip, invert and rotate would be helpful. They exist in competitor's programs.Really handy.
  3. Control-z is the universal "undo" keyboard shortcut for PC's. It doesn't work in the new Publisher when you apply a rotate left or right to a selected vector object. Yes, you can effectively undo it by right clicking on the object and select reset rotation, or rotate in the opposite direction, but Control-z should also work. ALSO, PLEASE make the topics SEARCH-ABLE ! It is a waste of time looking through 15+ pages of posts to find your issue.
  4. Thank you both for the replies. After restarting the system and reloading the program, I have been able to Add from Selection to the Assets panel, after grouping all the separate elements. Unable to drag things onto the Assets panel though. Regards, & indeed, Happy New Year all!
  5. I have several .eps files that refuse to be added to an Asset category after they are dragged and dropped into an artboard and are displaying properly. A small window opens and says: "Assets cannot contain embedded documents". I am not aware of anything aside from the vector flourish that is displayed on an artboard, that might be embedded in the .eps file. What am I doing wrong? Two example .eps files attached. swirl-floral-vector-design-element-shape_mywLEG.eps retro-flourish-elements-vector-design_XJ_UVG.eps
  6. The Assets panel could be a valuable asset, but at this point it seems to be a work in progress. Precision mouse clicking is required to open the menus (why can't you click on the existing name?) Setting up the categories and sub-categories seems a bit clunky. Non-standard file/folder naming (yes, I realize these are not files.) Visibility is essentially non-existent when black vector assets are placed in the dark version of the Assets panel. In addition, the thumbnails are too small to discern differences in similar entries. An asset can not be dragged or cut and pasted into a different asset collection. Assets can't be reordered by dragging within a category. I selected a complicated vector object and added it to a category. I forgot to group the items first - a significant mistake. The result was around 100 separate items were placed in the category, No undo function. Each item required three operations to delete it - one of the three required moving to the center of the GUI to click in a dialog box there. At a minimum, one should be able to shift-click select multiple items for deletion. I hope these concerns will be addressed soon.