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  1. Hi - just an update - here’s the decal by firstdefence in situ on a virtual Jag XJ13 in Gran Turismo. Thanks everybody for contributing. You’ve collectively improved my understanding of this brilliant app - my node count has diminished considerably! Brilliant people on this forum. Thanks so much. :)
  2. Thanks heaps for your interest in my Castrol logo GT question gdenby. Very much appreciated. :)

    1. gdenby


      You are welcome. I was able to learn a few things working on the problem, so it was a benefit for us both, I hope.

    2. iamwoger


      Glad to hear it - I know I did! Haha. Thanks again :) 

  3. Wow - I'm just blown away. BofG, gdenby, firstdefence, v_kyr - thank you all so much for your generosity of spirit. To even go go so far as to recreate what I'm trying to achieve has just left me speechless. I'm so grateful. Have a great day all. I'm off to go study the AD files. Cheers... Michael.
  4. Hi guys - thanks sooo much for your advice. BofG - yes, I took the Castrol written in red, made a few offset duplicates and added them altogether to make the shadow. The image is ragged because it's a copy of a real vintage sign. I thought there might be a lot of the size in the shadow but I can't think of a better way to get the same result. What puzzles me most is this is so simplistic compared to the designs people are uploading - I have no idea how they manage to get it in under 15KB!? Gdenby - I traced it in AD myself. I wanted it to be as close to the original as possible so there are a few nodes as you rightly say. I'm now trying to see if I can upload it in chunks to assemble in game. But just the Castrol shadow in itself is over 17KB! Thanks so much for trying to help me guys. I really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks BofG - it reduced the file by 5KB to 34KB which is still too big. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi everyone, I've scoured these forums and searched online but I cannot figure this out. I've traced some vintage oil co logos that I'd like to upload to use in the Playstation game, Gran Turismo. The file requirement is svg with a maximum size of 15Kb. I've attached an example of what I've done below - it's very straight forward and not complex in any way. The lowest I can get the svg file down to is around 46Kb unless I flatten it. When flattened, I can get it under the 15Kb requirement, but Sony's uploader then says the svg file is invalid. They say they require v1 or v1.1 - does AD comply in this department? I've reduced the image size down to so small AD struggles to even find it sometimes. Even if I deconstruct the Image, I still can't get below 16Kb! There are plenty of far more advanced graphics and decals than mine on display in the game. All I've done is trace an image in vector and the tried to export it as an svg file and as you can see in the image below - there are no gradients or anything fancy. Does anybody have any advice - am I missing something? Any help would be fantastic. Cheers... Michael.
  7. Hello everyone. As a noob I've found the Resources section here very helpful. Thanks to everyone who's so generously contributed their brushes, palettes and other input. I've taken so much I thought I'd offer this to you all in return; my Wough Half-Tone A4. Big thanks to Ronnie McBride and his Smoke Brush tutorial on Mixmediasalad. Ronnie - I love your channel. You got me thinking. Keep up the good work. Hope you enjoy the dots. Woger out.
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