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  1. Thanks Chris I was trying to place an empty table on the master page , essentially just for the frame, and add different contents on the individual pages. I need to find another way of doing it! thanks
  2. The photos you posted are quite small, the largest is only 1000 pixels on longest side. If you took these photos then perhaps check your originals and see if you have larger versions. I know nothing of iPhone but I know even an average phone would produce larger files than these
  3. I have a number of problems working with tables. I have created a table on the Master page. When I try to add to a cell on a page it adds it to the master. At times I cannot select a cell to insert text into it. The file saved, but when I try to reopened it I get the error message "The file type is not supported." ( the file type is shown as ".afpub"
  4. Thanks Carl, That works for me ! I also tried removing the artboard on the original file and that is now working too. So just a problem with artboards on Windows machines. thanks again Gerard
  5. Hi MEB I am using Windows 10 and designer As you can see with the files I uploaded, the 'fill' on the sides of the box are not exported for me
  6. Dan, I notice that CyprienDlp hasn't responded yet. Would you mind taking a look at my files which shows the same thing? Designer files attached as well as jpg and png exported file. "Buttonknob" is embedded into "blankcolour2" and exported as blankcolour2-25.jpg and blankcolour2-25.png thanks gerard blankcolour2.afdesign buttunknob.afdesign
  7. I am having the same problem in Designer. Embedded afdesign files are not being exported in either jpg or png
  8. Importantly, This does not work if you have bought Affinity from Microsoft Store. If you need this then better to buy directly from Serif
  9. I am following the linked tutorial , creating my own document. I have created a dark rectangle on the , 2 page, master and applied master to all pages , 1-12. Document is set with page 1 on right. On closing and reopening I lose the dark rectangle on page 1. I seem to be doing exactly as in the tutorial.
  10. As the tile says, when I select a picture frame, containing a picture, right click and click on 'rotate right' the whole document is rotated not just the picture frame. I am following the tutorial and the document I am working on is my attempt at the brochure with my own phots and text.
  11. Re we talking about American pica's, French picas, or Postscript pica?
  12. There is a before /after tool in the Develop persona. it is the Blue/white half circles on the mid tool bar. Not sure in the Photo persona. I usually toggle the visible checkbox in the layers panel to display( or not) the adjustment layer.
  13. Not sure I am understanding you correctly, but can you not just type the characters?
  14. Thanks for the beta download link. I am really looking forward to trying out this beta version. Having never used beta software before, I wonder are we expected to report on any bugs we find and is there a process we are suppose to use for that.. ? One thing I was able to do immediately was import a pdf exported from a multilayer document in InDesign. This is great for me. Looking forward to getting to know the software a bit better later today.