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  1. I also have the same behaviour , Windows 10. I always accept the second 'save' just in case! I notice the same behaviour in MS Word. If I save a document in the normal way and then save it as PDF or XPS format. I assume it is a simple flag which gets set when any change is made and that flag prompts the second request
  2. I am wondering if updates are available for the MS Store version of Affinity Photo ( and Designer). Users on Dpreview forum mention updating to AP version 1.6.3 . I am on . Will this update be available to those who purchased from the MS Store? thanks
  3. Why would you ever expect Affinity to support all these Photoshop components. Clearly if you are so dependent on PS then that is probably the only software you can use?
  4. Really interested in this as I would like to test the beta of Publisher before purchasing. Thanks for this
  5. Gerard O

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Thanks for all the information. I will give it a try so.
  6. Gerard O

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Just wondering if anyone know if Pageplus 9 is a reasonable alternative while waiting for Publisher? It is on still available for £19 I think.
  7. I an not too sure what linked columns are so can't comment but I have found a work around for multiple pages in designer. Create a multiple page document and convert to pdf. You can do this in Word, etc. Open the file in Affinity Designer. Designer maintains the multipage of the original document. I discovered by opening a document template, originally created in InDesign and exported as a pdf template. All layers etc. were retained. I have since check by creating a simple document in Word and saving as a pdf. My documents had two pages so not too sure what limits there might be. It is working for me as a work around on a small document with tables , vector graphics and bitmaps and a lot of text. Obviously Publisher would be much better, when it arrives.
  8. I bought Affinity Photo from Microsoft Store and now want to buy Affinity Designer. Should I buy this also from Microsoft Store or can I purchase from Affinity Store? I note, from reading this forum, that I cannot launch Affinity Photo from Lightroom because I bought from Microsoft Store. Is there any other issues I need to be aware of for Designer and where I purchase it from? thanks for any advice