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  1. I would be interested in this too. And will it have affect on working between Photo and Publisher or Designer?
  2. Re-applying the master, in the beta, will often delete text fields so be careful!
  3. I wonder has anyone advice on this problem. Without feed back from Serif I feel I am stuck It appears that Affinity Publisher cannot apply Master pages consistently when pages are inserted or deleted, and the fix in the beta causes deletion of content. Wonder if anyone has found a fix for this, or alternatively is there a place to report bugs like this? I
  4. I don't have a solution for you . But I have been playing around with formats for Web and print export and you might want to consider a landscape format for the web/computer screen. Viewed on a computer monitor, a page in portrait format is not ideal. If you expand to take up the width of the screen then the whole page cannot be seen. Id you reduce it to see the whole page then you waste a lot of screen space and possibly make the text too small. As, I say, no solution just some observations from trying to do the same thing as you suggested.
  5. Hi Stokerg Just wondering have you read my reply and opened the edited file? Does this need to be reported as a bug?
  6. Hi Stokerg, Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the beta and reopened the file( a copy!). I selected page 7, right clicked to Clear masters. The background colour was removed. I then clicked on apply Masters, selected master A again. This corrected the page number position bur deleted all the text on page 7. ! ( "replace existing" and "migrate frame content" were both selected, as default. ) edited file attached. Perhaps you could have another look. ModelEngineering Articles - forBeta.afpub
  7. WJC, I have the same problem, but in a smaller , simpler, book/document of about 40 pages. And , importantly, no deadline. I did try to correct the left/tight application of master pages "A" by re-applying the master but this deleted some content. So be careful even correcting it manually. I started a thread before reading yours ( there were no replies ). Needless to say , I hope you can get a solution, from which we can all learn. For my own document I am thinking of exporting the text, using cut and paste, into Word . creating a new document in A Publisher with the layout I want , and reimporting the text and images. It is an option for me only because the document I am working on is so simple. I will watch this space for a solution too so I hope Serif will post here when a solution is found
  8. I have a simple document in Affinity Publisher. I have a master spread "A" applied to the spread of two pages. Essentially the default Master as the document is created. I have added a section name and page number to the master "A" pages. I also have a second master page, "B", which is applied only to the first page in a section and shows a heading text frame at the top.. The document contains about 10 sections. Each page consists of text frames with the occasional image , linked, added . So a very simple document. My problem comes with deleting pages. By default I have the page number at the bottom left of left pages and bottom right on right side pages but with pages being deleted or added this is occasionally reversed on some pages. If I try to correct this, by selecting the page and selecting "Apply Master" I sometimes get the desired result and sometimes I get the text frame and all the text deleted. I there a way to correct this without starting over again?
  9. One of the pieces of information that allow me to see if a post is relevant is the title. That's why your title of "Why in the World" is so helpful ! Not to worry, I didn't waste too much time
  10. I am not too sure you expect Affinity to comply strictly with an SDK they have no control over? An informative article here
  11. If you look at previous postings from me you will see that I don't think Serif/Affinity is perfect. But it is MS policy to sandbox any apps downloaded from their store . I too have developed for MS and I can assure I have had no luck in getting MS to change their policies. Obviously you and other developers have been more successful in influencing policy. I am not too sure insulting posters here will help you to a resolution. In any event I can be of no more help to you
  12. really? Surely you would not expect Microsoft to share you personal information with a third party. Incidentally I have the same problem but I don't really think you can expect Serif to create modifications for Windows security and permission processes and policies
  13. Are you saying all programs are beta? I think the beta programs have a 10 day limit
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