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  1. Thanks for all the information. I will give it a try so.
  2. Just wondering if anyone know if Pageplus 9 is a reasonable alternative while waiting for Publisher? It is on still available for £19 I think.
  3. I an not too sure what linked columns are so can't comment but I have found a work around for multiple pages in designer. Create a multiple page document and convert to pdf. You can do this in Word, etc. Open the file in Affinity Designer. Designer maintains the multipage of the original document. I discovered by opening a document template, originally created in InDesign and exported as a pdf template. All layers etc. were retained. I have since check by creating a simple document in Word and saving as a pdf. My documents had two pages so not too sure what limits there might be. It is working for me as a work around on a small document with tables , vector graphics and bitmaps and a lot of text. Obviously Publisher would be much better, when it arrives.
  4. I bought Affinity Photo from Microsoft Store and now want to buy Affinity Designer. Should I buy this also from Microsoft Store or can I purchase from Affinity Store? I note, from reading this forum, that I cannot launch Affinity Photo from Lightroom because I bought from Microsoft Store. Is there any other issues I need to be aware of for Designer and where I purchase it from? thanks for any advice