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  1. One of the pieces of information that allow me to see if a post is relevant is the title. That's why your title of "Why in the World" is so helpful ! Not to worry, I didn't waste too much time
  2. I am not too sure you expect Affinity to comply strictly with an SDK they have no control over? An informative article here
  3. If you look at previous postings from me you will see that I don't think Serif/Affinity is perfect. But it is MS policy to sandbox any apps downloaded from their store . I too have developed for MS and I can assure I have had no luck in getting MS to change their policies. Obviously you and other developers have been more successful in influencing policy. I am not too sure insulting posters here will help you to a resolution. In any event I can be of no more help to you
  4. really? Surely you would not expect Microsoft to share you personal information with a third party. Incidentally I have the same problem but I don't really think you can expect Serif to create modifications for Windows security and permission processes and policies
  5. Are you saying all programs are beta? I think the beta programs have a 10 day limit
  6. Publisher already handles different page sizes orientations. I agree with MacMAcMAc, this is a simple basic requirement. And the problem with Publisher handling of PDF files means exporting and combining them is not a viable workaround for many files.
  7. I'm very interested to know how to do this too.
  8. H have had a similar issue. I tried to open a pdf file 96Mb. Appreciate it is large at 53 pages. mostly text but some photographs. After 30 minutes , with the loading document message in top right of screen, I tried to end Publisher. However I could not and had to eventually restart the computer. I later manages to open the document and save it as a Publisher document . I took about 12 minutes to open and about 25 minutes to save . Publisher does not seem to be able to handle large files. The same document opened in acrobat in less than 5 seconds.
  9. Will Publisher from Affinity Store work ok with Designer and Photo from Microsoft Store? I have both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo from Microsoft Store. Can I purchase Publisher from Affinity Store and integrate them or should I wait and purchase from Microsoft Store?
  10. I have previously purchased Affinity Designer and Photo from Microsoft Store. And I have bee using Publisher beta. Now that the full version of Publisher is available I am wondering if I can purchase Publisher from Affinity Store, with the beta user discount, and will it integrate fully with the Microsoft Store versions of designer and Photo? Or should I stick to Microsoft Store versions in order to ensure full compatibility? Any insight into potentials issues in the future would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Link resources are treated differently and this will reduce the file size. I think there is a note on the Publisher beta forum but cannot find it right now
  12. You can indeed send each page separately to output. See the pdf export below. The border alternates from each page. This was created exactly as' Psenda' has suggest to you in the post above, i.e. with facing pages.
  13. I am not sure if these are really bugs or just a suggestion for improvement so this might be in the wrong forum. These are are relatively minor issues but I wanted to just give some feedback as they do impact on the usability of the application. I am using Windows 10 and downloaded the Latest version on 9/05/2020 but these 'bugs' apply equally to the previous version Resource manager and missing resources. If you move resources to a new folder and they become missing in Publisher, the resource manager is not very helpful or intuitive to use. When looking for a missing file , using the 'update' button it would be useful to populate the filename window with the name of the image. It would be even more useful if the resource manager could just be pointed to the new folder. Currently each resource has to be updated individually. With many documents having tens, or even hundreds, of resources it is a major rework. Text Frames and Styles?(possibly) I was working on a document and wanted three different text frame styles, one plain and two with contrasting backgrounds. It would have been useful to employ Text Frame Styles but they don't seem to be available. So each time I changed the appearance of a text frame those changes persisted to the next Text Frame, meaning I was constantly editing text Frame parameters. For me the best workflow is to use plain Text frames and only edit the parameters of each Text Frame at the end of the document creation but that is not an ideal way to work for me. I am enjoying playing with the Application and look forward to the final product to accompany my AP and AD application. PS. In the edit menu I can 'Paste Style' as I can also in A_Designer ( and maybe A_Photo ?) .but this menu option is not available when I right click on the mouse. It would be great if it could be accessed from a mouse click as well
  14. I had similar issue and it was caused by my moving the image files to a different directory. Check that the images are still in the directory pointed to