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  1. The following does not roost with the problem. It for general communication only. Oval: Please don’t stay out of the problem. Almost everything I am learning is coming a piece at a time from users. The attached is all I have left to show I signed up as a beta tester. I’m confident Serif would have dates to show I signed on as early as possible. This town has a grand total of ONE Mac geek. The last time he “helped” me with a problem, he deleted 3,100 documents and images! Some help, huh? My next iMac problem will cost me a 200-mile round trip. Within what he deleted was, I’m certain, the icon for the beta was among the disposed of images. I had just switched from PC (where I had been using Serif’s PagePlus 7) to iMAC and learned the PP 9 was a “legacy” program that wouldn’t work on the Apple format, anyway. After Installing AP 1.7.3, the beta only worked sporadically and finally wouldn’t start at all. I just figured the programs were conflicting. Whether programmed that way or something I did, I don’t know. I thought testing on 1.7.3. was adequate. But, then as now, I couldn’t give a lot of time to it. Even at this moment, I have material owed to Sky & Telescope, Southern Boating, Times of the Islands, and my new book. Thus, I have little time for pleasure. R C-R: I put too much stock in what my iMac helper said on his first visit. I have 8 Gb of RAM and a terabyte of storage. Pauls: I must spend some time away. But when I return, I will try to do what you say and provide the info requested.
  2. Hi, Connor: First, to Oval. Yes, I am a purchaser. However, I signed up as a beta tester the day that option became available. Thus, I can’t understand why pointing out these anomalies seems to be taken in a negative light. Isn’t that what beta testers are supposed to do? Connor: There can be no doubt that I am as frustrated as a fellow can be. But while at least one has taken me to be verbose, it seems when I am succinct two bad things happen. 1) I am short on explaining THOROUGHLY what I mean, and 2) I am taken to be terse when it is certainly not warranted. — I guess the primary question for me is: Am I the only person using AP on the planet having these problems? I have a late model iMac with a terabyte of memory. As I see it, that is a critical piece of the puzzle. — Also, why have I sent the ENTIRE file containing the mangled first file above to Serif (TWICE) without being told what the problem is or how to solve it. I assure you that’s not being snotty. But I have invested a lot of time and think I deserve an answer, just as with the other two graphics problems. AP is new enough that I wouldn’t expect even the senior engineers to have all the answers. However, when “I don’t know” is the honest answer, I expect to hear or see it. I am not the enemy here and know we’ll reach workable answers faster if all our cards are on the table. Yes, I’m frustrated. But I’d rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. Honest communication can make it so. — Finally—and this is tied to my first point—if putting my book/file into beta v499 will help, I am eager to do so. Just tell me what to do—simply, computer program style—how I am to accomplish this, without SUPPOSING I know anything. I’ve been up for hours and this stroke victim needs to head for the sheets for a while. PS Thomaso: I understand your thinking. Please try to understand mine. A great career in optics and a good salary are behind me and I could use the money my new book will generate.
  3. THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS CLOSED-CIRCUIT FOR THOMASO. Hi, Thomaso: I’m sorry if my communication offends you; I certainly didn’t intend to do so. But was I NOT being succinct when I first mentioned “shifting pages,” and did it not take a month for someone at Serif to admit that there is no way in the current version to logically correct the problem? That may not be “wasting time” for you. However, it is for me. You may also note, I have not been the only one vexed with this problem. Please look at the first jumbled page attached. I have sent the file to Serif as requested—TWICE. Still, to this day, I have not been told the cause of the problem or what can be done to correct it. Yes, there have been many words, but few answers. Having to do a hard shutdown on the computer and bring it back up—7 or 8 times a day—is, to me, a waste of time. Having sent the file to Serif twice, I would have suspected a solution; alas, no. Then, we not only have pages shifting, but items shifting ON THE PAGE (graphic 2) with no logical reason why. They shifted on THIS page and others. Text and graphics switched sides on the left page and graphics switched sides on the right page. The final attachment (graphic 3), shows a duplicate image that I was not able to DELETE or CUT in more than half an hour of trying. To me, this was, again, a waste of time. Would it not be for you? When I sat down at the computer the following day, the errant image had just disappeared. Finally, when learning of beta v499, I was also told that it was not a working program, the file could not be imported into the current professional version, could not be used for publication, and Serif’s Patrick Connor said it could be MONTHS before that upgrade is ready. And I remember being told that InDesign will not import AP files. Please, Thomaso, don’t I have a right to be a little verbose? Perhaps if I were getting more straight answers, I would not need to be. I freely admit, that I have seen some wonderful things in the program; I have said this from the start. Yet, the shortcomings in programming I’m dealing with has been pegging out the needle on my frustration meter.
  4. I did as Bruce told me. I am so new to the program, I am just grasping at straws. I hate to bother the people at Serif directly, especially since it took a month to learn that the current version of AP does not have an auto-repagination feature and there would not be one for months. I went to the tutorial section and typed in "deleting pages," which I thought was a valid query. But I only got the "Sorry" reply. Boy, I sure wish I could import my book into InDesign. There is no doubt this program has a great future. But the here and now is causing me massive headaches with answers to simple questions hiding under rocks.
  5. Hi, Bruce, The original file was 89.1 mg. After compression, it is 39 mg. According to instructions on the page, even full-sized, it SHOULD have fit into a TINY fraction of the allotted space. This has turned into a comedy of errors that is not in the least funny! Anyway, it's HOPEFULLY attached. I just want the pages that I want deleted ... TO STAY THAT WAY so I can get to OTHER assinine problems. FINAL_The_Concise_Guide_191105_copy_2.afpub.zip
  6. Wosven: I'll see what I can do. As you can see, my file is a fraction of what this program SAYS it can deal with. I can see I should have done one more book in InDesign. But, I believed.
  7. Hi, Wosven: Attached you will find the entire book. On a page numbered “1,” you will see a DUPLICATE page from the of my PREFACE followed by a DUPLICATE of my 2 ½-page INTRODUCTION from several pages earlier on pages numbered “2” through “4.” As mentioned in my previous post, I have repeatedly tried to delete the text AND the pages themselves only to have those things continue to show up later. I have even tried to stop the text flow that I might be able to discard them; nothing has worked. Please teach me. FINAL_The_Concise_Guide_191105.afpub
  8. I've already sent the whole book to Serif employees, twice. However, I will send it to you, tomorrow. My "get up and go" has "got up and went" for today. It appears to accommodate my file size, but I have my doubts.
  9. Hi, Again: I’ve long been of the belief, that I was going to have to shift the pages of the whole book and insert my own page numbers. Yet, every time I think I am out of the woods, some other non-intuitive problem jumps before me. That being the case, I can finish neither my table of contents OR glossary. T he last piece of the puzzle I was waiting on was the foreword. I have it now and inserted it. Without auto-repagination, I have had to add an EXTRA page; it looks foolish, but I have to get this thing to press. I started going through the book page by page. After my table of contents (still lacking page numbers), I find an orphaned page that has been duplicated from my preface ... Seven pages earlier. After that page, we have a 2 1/2-page duplicate from my introduction. Trying to delete the text failed. Trying to delete the pages failed. Trying to unlink the text flow, thinking that might help, failed. No matter what I remove, the pages I don’t want just reappear later in the book. This should not be “rocket science.” To stay alive—and keep my doctor happy—I’m going to walk away for a few hours. Please help if you can.
  10. Yo, yer Waltness, thank you so much! Every piece of the puzzle is helpful in putting together the whole. I hope the NEW version will come with a manual as the first two programs did. For the reasons described, I have a hard time learning by osmoses and a manual would allow for trial and error, watching the results in real-time. “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” — Winston Churchill Have a great day.
  11. Attached is a screenshot from my “section manager.” In it, you will see the “front matter” is to run from page 1-10 in with Roman numerals. ‘Fact is it SHOULD go through “xiii.” It seems, however, to do what IT wants and not what I want. Instead, it starts on page “vi” and runs through “xii,” with the page that SHOULD be “xiii” being “1” instead. In addition, I don’t see any way to change any page numbering information in the “section manager” dropdown. Finally, the “start on page” and “start page numbering at” boxes stay grayed out and, even if I could make a change—which I can’t—there’s nothing on the screen to let me know my choices have been SAVED. And, I would like to show you folks some of the page number arrangements and foolish duplications I am getting—which may be why page 2 comes directly after page 26—but clicking on the image of the spread (or the numerals beneath) doesn’t do one bloody thing, as I am told it should. I guess I will spend a few more hours on this before I resort to doing everything manually. “sophisticated” can be another word for “overly convoluted.” If I were working on a 4-page sales flier, I wouldn’t be having this problem. But I write books.
  12. Well, I can't wait forever, like I did for the original release, so I guess I will have to do everything manually. I would have thought that auto-repagination would have been a no-brainer for the “InDesign killer.” I’m glad this book is just over 100 pages.
  13. Like it or not, I guess I’m am going to have to wait. As I have looked back over the last few posts on the forum and direct email messages, I see: — I can download the new v499 (beta) — It probably has the problem I’m dealing with corrected — However, that correction cannot be taken into the current retail program — Thus, I see no practical solution to my problem and I don’t have time to play and experiment — Does anyone know when the official release of v499 will be?
  14. Hi, All: Although this problem is INCREDIBLY important to me, I haven’t been able to act upon all I have been told, in that I am juggling three articles at present including one for an editor who has had me change directions three times since the original query. In all the messages I’ve been told to download AP v499. However: DO I DO THAT FROM INSIDE PROGRAM I’M NOW USING OR DO I DOWNLOAD IT TO MY DESKTOP AND IMPORT MY PREVIOUS WORK INTO IT? The simpler this process can be explained, the faster I can be up and running. Perhaps this has been explained and I have missed it. Or perhaps it has been buried in non-essential circumlocutions. Either way, I missed it. Although it seems others are coming to realize how important auto-repagination is to the overall program, and that it should have been addressed initially, I have never thrown stones. I know the rigors of software development. Finally, as George Bernard Shaw put it, we are two peoples separated by a “common language.” For example, I have been challenged not to “call out” a single member of the Serif staff. Boy, I sure hope that “calling out” means something different in the UK than it does in The States. “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” — Wyatt Earp
  15. Thomaso, Perhaps you can help me with another problem. My letter to Patrick was completed BEFORE I saw your post. Thus, it might have seemed I was ignoring your post. On other forums I frequent, you simply pick the post you want to address and select “quote” and it is apparent which post you are addressing. So far, it has not worked for me.

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