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  1. Slovoflud

    Gradient Colour pickers

    I know where the tools are, it's just too hidden away. For example in Sketch, selecting an objects' colour rectangle automatically shows the gradient sliders on the object and the colour picker itself. In AD, the gradient tool is not selected automatically, you have no way of seeng the gradient points and the gradient itself without goint into the Gradient tool, and even by selecting the gradient tool and changing a colour in the colour picker you apply that one colour to the whole object and lose the gradient. Maybe the problem is, that a gradient point is not selected automatically, like it is in Sketch for example. or maybe something like this slider is missing
  2. Hi all! Am I doing something wrong or is working with gradients is not intuitive. Gradient tool is great, flexible and fast by itself, but when I need to change the colours it becomes frustrating. The colour circle is representing the gradient, but when you click it you are given a choice to select 1 colour, not the gradient range.
  3. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    On my coworkers mac mini we were able to remove huge lag in one of our working files by hiding the History tab.
  4. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    I just got back to work, and tried your file on two workstations, one being my retina macbookpro, the other is a new gen mac mini, and there is no lag at all, no matter wether the Layers pannel is visible or not.
  5. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    Sorry for the spam, but it seems undocking it is enough to get rid of the lag. Don't have to disable it at all
  6. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    So, I've tried disabling UI components one by one and the problem seems to lie in the layers panel. Disabling it fixes the file from the OP and all my other files large prints (several meters by several meters long at high dpi), which were unworkable in Pixel Persona. Probably the prombem my team members were complaining about while drawing.
  7. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    oh, disabling the UI (TAB) seems to fix the lag for me.
  8. Slovoflud

    Affinity Photo slows down/stops

    So strange, I've tried your file and it does seem to slow the whole computer down. Even dragging other apps (like Safari) is slowed down.. however, as you make the AD /AF window smaller, the speed comes back. The smaller the AD window, the faster the responce from the whole OS.
  9. Hi, team! One feature I see helping AD replacing PS in several categories like photography or game/app develpment a lot is exporting assets and textures. Slices are great, but what would really help is setting the size of the actual exported slice. For example you have a dosen art assets that you need to export, and the sources were drawn at high resolutions, in Export persona, when exporting you could set to resize the export to be no more than X in width or height. That way you don't have to resize your art before or after exprort. There many other things that could be done during export but setting the size would be a huge first step. I hope I make sence and not missing an obvious way to go about it with the current versions. A little background, I'm a project manager at a fairly large games company and being responsible for our art/toolset vision I'm trying to convince my management to abandon PS and switch our art production to Affinity products.
  10. Hello! Could you please provide an approximate time for when the layered Tiff support is coming? I'm trying to convince my managers to switch my team of designers to affinity products and our whole library (dozens of current projects) are all in layered Tifs. That's terabytes of svn versioned data. No way to easily convert everything to PSDs. Also, are there any discounts when buying in bundles?
  11. Slovoflud

    Typography Texture Test

    Nice! Is it possible to see the source? :)